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A man awake

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Trapped in time, battle comeing, writing to my wife.

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White Crane Feather


Well I'm going to make this short. I could sit here all morning writing about all that happened, but I have other things to do.

I have just awoken from one of those fantastically detailed movie dreams that I have. My dream awareness is incredible. These dreams are epic stories.

This one was a bit different because I was not somone else. This time I was actually me.

The theme of the dream was that somehow I had become trapped back in time. It was in middle or dark ages. I was living with a people in an old castle. They knew I was from the future and treated me well makeing me one of them. I in tern used my modern knowledge to help them. There was Plauge, but I taught them where it was comeing from and I taught them to clean up and we set thousands of bucket traps for the rats, and they were able to abke to stop the plauge. I taught the Warriors martial arts and what I knew about why the Romans were so successful in battle. We used it once to successfully fend off an attack by some particularly barbarian like people..Vikings maybe. I also taught them jujitsu and started teaching classes to their children about all that I know about modern knowledge. I kept the classes very practicle about what was usfull in their time.

Lots of other things happens.

Finally we discovered another invasion was comeing. A lot bigger this time. They wanted me to leave and be protected, but I felt that I had become one of them and if they were going to stand a chance they needed me. There were a lot of kids I had grown fond of and I wanted to give them the best shot possible.

My last images were sitting at a table. They let me have a bunch of gold coins that I had gotton melted into a thin tablet. I was etching a note to my wife telling her how much I loved her and the kids and what happend to me. I was planning to hide it somewhere to give it the best chance of being discovered one day by a scientist. I was going back and forth sharpening my weapons and etching the note when I woke up.

Crazy crazy dreams. I wish I had the patience to be a writer.

Thanks for listening.

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I love dreams like that. Ive only had a small handful of them, but they have stuck with me to this day. Well dreamt bro.

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