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Im pickin up good vibrations

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If you have read my other entries, you'd know that I have taken it upon myself to learn new (to me) spiritual things. One I stumbled upon not long ago was a study on vibrational energies. This subject was of particular interest for me, cause I have already experienced actual physical vibrations in my attempts to astral project. A literal vibrational energy that I felt through my entire body several times now.

Anyhow, according to the study, we are all, always connected to a vibrational energy. Its our perception that dictates at what level that energy is functioning. Emotions like hate, anger, fear, lust, worry, anxiety, ect is considered low vibrational energy. In turn emotions like Love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness ect would be considered high vibrational energy. And there are varying degrees to how high you can bring that energy. According to this you can even heal yourself through high vibrations.

Not only this but we are all receptive to the vibrational energies of others. In other words, your vibrational energy can be manipulated by the vibrational energies of people you encounter. Like have you ever seen someone walk into a room and just put everyone in a bad mood cause they are mean? Or just a jerk?

At first I was totally digging the study. The truth of it seemed self evident. Well that is till the guy who ran the study said that we should always meet low vibrational energy with high energy, even with our children. So far so good. Till I thought about it for a second. I basically came to the conclusion that he was telling me that if my kid is being a jerk, or is being bad in a way that I would normally correct it through showing displeasure, or even punishment that that was the wrong course of action. If I responded to him in any form of anger, id be meeting his low vibration with my own, and it would only give you very limited desired results. Which went against every parental instinct Ive ever had. Instead of totally dismissing it though, I put his perspective on a shelf some place in my mind.

Well it didn't take long for me to put this guys theory to the test.

We are all sitting around in the living room one late afternoon, Im reading a book on shamanism, while my wife was watching TV. My son comes in the room, and starts to switch off the TV so he could play his video games. My wife stops him dead in his tracks and tells him no video games right now, cause she is really into whatever it was she was watching. I stop reading at that point and just watch the encounter. My son puts up a resistance to her claim on the TV by sitting next to her and making a face like he had just been seriously wronged. I have seen this face many times. It takes a great deal of time for him to finally get over whatever the problem is when that face comes out. And though it doesn't usually make much difference I normally at that point try to correct him by telling him he was being selfish, and to try and put himself in her place. Then he'd normally keep the same face for as long as he could till he realized finally that he wasn't going to get his way. It was always a long process before he gave up.

Every inch of my being wanted to do exactly as I had always done at that point, but instead I pulled that piece of info taught in the study off the shelf in my mind. I walked over to him with a serious look on my face. I cant imagine what was running through his mind at that point, even though I have never been physical with him that pouting face turned slightly fearful. He even flinched when I quickly reached down and gave him a big hug, and told him that I loved him with all my heart. Then I picked him right up off the couch and for just a couple minutes wrestled with him, and then let him get me in a couple ju jitsu moves. He's been taking ju jitsu since he was 5. Anyhow, I'll be damned, don't cha know that kid got up off the floor with a smile on his face and walked into the other room and started playing with his little brother like nothing was bothering him at all. I couldn't believe it. It worked. I manipulated his low vibrational energy with my high vibrational energy, and got the best results I have ever gotten.

I don't know if Im totally convinced this will work for every situation. But Im looking forward to more experiments like it.

Thanks for taking the time folks.

God Bless

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I'm 21 so I in no way have parental expirences. But I the psych major in me wants to tell you to be careful. If he gets positive playfully fun feedback from you everytime he acts up then he may start to act up on purpose to get the reward of your attention.

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No doubt max. I doubt id try that for say catching him playing with matches, or something like that. But its a great mood lifter at least. I'll have to examine each situation as they come.

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