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From: My story



I wrote about this like 7 years ago here on UM. Thought I'd blog it so more folks could read it, and maybe give some opinions (aside from telling me to lay off the psychedelics lol) I also thought some might just find it interesting. I swear everything I say here happened exactly how I said. I added a couple things I thought were relevant that I didn't include when I originally wrote it.

Hello everyone. First I'd like to say that had I not experience what I had I would think people who tell stories similar to this are crazy. But I would be a hypocrite. Im 31 now,(Im 38 now) and havent had any experiences in several years. Anyhow, this is my haunting story.

I lived in a trailor park for a good part of my life. From the age of 4 till I was 19. There had never been anything wrong haunting wise in the trailer I lived in till I turned 18 years old. My Mother (who was a single mom) had decided she was going to move up state after she had divorced my Father. I refused to go. So she left the trailer to me. A cousin of mine who was in his early 20's decided to move in with me, and help pay bills and what not. Now I had heard several "ghost" stories from him, and his brother regarding the house they grew up in. But I never put much stock into it, mostly cause he had witnessed his father shoot himself in the head as a very small child. Growing up I heard all kinda crazy stories from him. However as we got older he stopped telling these stories, and we had become very close friends.

Well, the night before My mother moved, me and my cousin took a 12 pack to the rail road tracks, and sat on this trussel drinking and BSing. He had a little buz going and goes on to tell me that the night before, while sleeping on my couch, that he was about 3 seconds away from full sleep, when suddenly he heard a gun go off, that sounded like it was right next to his head. So im thinking to myself, Oh no, hear we go again. I humored his story though, cause he seemed so genuine about it, I didnt want to hurt his feelings. Now this next part Im going to tell you, cause im not sure if it has a direct effect on the story, and was wandering if anyone has heard anything like this before. We walked back to the trailer, it was around midnight. I saw my neighbor and his son, standing in the middle of the road looking up into the sky. So I look up, And I will be damned there is this small round craft with several different lights coming from it. We watched in amazement for nearly a half hour as this thing flew around like a bummble bee. It came so close to us at one point that I remember feeling very nervous. But then it seemed to lose interest in us a slowly sailed off in the distance, till we couldnt see it anymore. This is the same exact area where the famous "hudson valley boomerang" was sighted by over 5000 people. Anyhow, as the excitement wore down, I went to bed. I got this great buzz going, I just witnessed a UFO, and was about to fall into a blissfull sleep, when suddenly I heard a tremendous blast, like a shot gun going off right next to my ear. I went from being 3 seconds away from total sleep, to sitting striaght up in my bed eyes WIDE open. I remember waiting for the others in the trailer to come running, but no one did. I sat there astounded remembering what my cousin had told me just a couple hours before. I never told him that had happened to me as well.

Life went on as normal for the next couple months. I got a job in a bolt factory working the 3 to 12 shift. My cousin got a job in the same place, but he worked the 12- 8 shift over night. So I had the place to myself when I got home from work for the night. Well this one night I start to hear people whispering out side my bed room, and it sounded like someone was trying quietly to walk down my hallway (that passed right next to my bed room door)

I knew I had locked up, so I just blew it off and went to sleep. Well every night these noises just got louder and louder, were by the 7th night It sounded like there was a party going on outside my door. I could hear women just laughing out loud, and what sounded like many people just running up and down my hallway.

I had decided at that point that there actually were people in my house. Terrified, I very slowly crept off my bed (it was a noisy bed, so I was very care full with every move I made) it probably took me a half hour to finnaly reach my base ball bat. I sat there contemplating my next move, as the sounds just seemed to taunt me to come out. Finnaly I built the strength , and decided I was just going to run throught the trailer, turn on every light till I saw someone, and make them pay for invading my home. So I jumped up and did exactly that. rushing through the house I turned on every light, and aggressively search every corner. Finally I felt relief when I realized no one was there. Followed by a sudden feeling of terror, there was no one there. After that night it stopped happening. I don't know why

There were several other things that happened there as well. Just for example couple days after all this, I had a bunch of friends over. We were all sitting in a circle around my living room, and I began to tell everyone what had been happening the last week. My neighbor was there sitting directly across from me. So he says, "ive been living next door to you for the last 14 years and you have never said anything about this place being haunted". Then he looks me right in the eyes and says "I think you are full of ****" before he could get the last word of that sentence out this little table that was right next to him pops up in the air as though someone put there hand under it and smacked it upward as hard as they could. I watched his face turn flush red, as we all freaked out over what just happened. That was the last time he questioned my honesty on the subject

I have rambled on long enough, Ill just end it by saying tragically, about three years later, my cousin did end his own life with a gun shot wound to the head

. Thanks for reading my story.


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Hi preach.....thank you for inviting me to read your story.

Well, you certainly have had some close encounters with UFO's, as well as your family.

I feel, that it's an experiece that one never forgets. (especially when one is certain that it's not of this world)

What I find most annoying about the neysayers/debunkers.

Is that many of them have not experienced this...

Yet, they seem to have the most to say about it, and think they have all the answers lol...

Agh well, to each his own. People are entitled to believe whatever they choose - if it makes them happy.

Btw, I'm so sorry to read about your cousin. That must have been a very difficult time for you.

Anyway, thankyou again.....and I'll see you around the traps. :)

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Yeah it was a difficult time when my cousin ended his life. I bought the land our grandparents lived on during our childhood. I still to this day often think about how if he were still alive I know he would be a regular visitor here like his brother is. Its funny, when I wrote this, it was like I was telling it from the outside looking in. As though it was someone else's story. After reading it a couple times, it really made it personal again, as though it had just happened.

Thanks for stopping by

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