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From: I am

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This a wonderful, faith filled poem written by Arcana who post his poems at this site.


My omnipresence is all seeing

in my endless vigil

I watch as gods crumble

to be swept away by time

their brief reigns as dust

I observe the rise and fall

of civilizations once mighty

conquered, abandoned, deposed

supplanted by new orders

in spiraling struggles

for petty dominion

I see far beyond all that's seen

I know the unknown well

I watch as stars are born

to light the worlds they warm and mourn

their passing as they fade

I feel joy and sadness

though I bear only love

I gift all to those awake

who recognize their unity

with interdependence of species

and share where others take

Cursed for others failings

as a parent watches over their children

my patience and forgiveness are immutable

though rarely seen

with faith I am felt

I go by many names....

I am salvation

I am source

I am creator

I am guidance

I am wisdom

I am forgiveness

I am love

I am hope

I am the fabric of the Universe

I am eternal

Who am I....

I am

© 9b01310f-612c-42d3-9238-b8787cff6b93.png

Source: I am

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