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talking to myself

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We are driven irrational creatures (this is probably a rant)



We are driven irrational creatures

(this is probably a rant)

We don't look at problems logically, we look at them emotionally. We look at them through the guts. We look at them as if we're doing a high school problem, like what is beautiful, what makes me recognized among my peers. We don't go and think about things. We, as a society, don't wish to engage in rational thought.

Sebastian Thrun

To love others, our enemies, to show mercy, seems sentimental and weak to many, yet I believe that the common way we seek dominion over those around us is in actuality weakness and the pentacle of irrational thought. We do have a center, if we do not discover that center and its importance for our inner lives, then we are doomed to greater and greater fragmentation of self and our societies. Our addictions only give a weak respite from this inner progression. The center is that light that beckons us inward, to seek something better, what that is, is shown to us by our faiths and spiritual paths which are often downplayed as unimportant.

When I was young I was taught that we are rational creatures. I was also taught that the goal of life is in some way to become a mature adult. I now believe that the first part is not true, and the second part is false. We are irrational creatures driven by our emotions and desires, with the possibility of thinking constructively, that is why we try to teach logic, and often fail. The world is not run by logical thought, but by the desire for power over others, be it through fear or pleasure. People who take pride in being rational, often come across as ‘tight’, ‘rigid’, and lacking a creative streak. Logic is a tool, a needed one, it is not an end in itself.

Our consciousness is submerged in a vast ocean of the unconscious and our desire to make sense of all that, leads us I believe, to try to make rational sense of our inner life. Our societies, our wars, our relationships with others are often lived out in full view by the way the world simply is…not a pretty sight.

We abuse our children, we kill them in the womb, we poison them from their youngest years by our entertainment, violence and blind consumerism presented through our entertainment systems. We are allowing the breakdown of the family without even thinking of replacing it with something else…..and yet we do not think that this will continue this deconstruction of our societies, we only think of now, ourselves, and not what we are leaving those who will come after us.



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