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StarMountainKid's Commentary Blog

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My Commentary Blog

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Well, I’m changing my blog system. Instead of one blog with everything helter-skelter piled up everywhere in it, I will now have three blogs. One for stories, one for Zarkor and Zerak stories and one for general commentary. (My old blog will disappear.)

This general commentary blog will eventually be full of stuff – as will the others - mostly useless rubbish I admit – but that’s mostly what I have to offer.

I only have one entry here so far, I’m still going over the others, but they’ll be in here soon. So if you read this first entry you’ll know what to expect in all the others, and most probably will never come back. I understand this, as I can’t blame you for having good taste.

Three Kinds of Friends and Film Noir

I always assume that people who read my stuff have the same knowledge and experience that I have. This sort of delusion of mine I like, because this way I can assume everyone will agree with me, whatever I say, and laugh at all my jokes, as I do. I like people who always agree with me, of course. I think I choose my friends with this criteria in mind. I think we all probably do this. Who wants to be around someone who always tells you you're wrong?

The second kind of people I like are those who may think I'm wrong, but are too polite to say so. I can tell who these kinds of friends are because they smile a lot and nod after I say something. They're amused that I would say such a thing. They don’t actually think what I said was funny, they just think it’s funny that I would say it. Sometimes I interpret this reaction as, “these people are thinking what I say really is funny”. I humor myself like this often.

These kinds of people who only humor me I like more than the ones who always agree with me. People who agree with me all the time are usually too serious about what I say. They nod sagely in solemn accord. This is nice, but it's not much fun.

Then there are the kinds of friends who think what I say actually is funny, whether they agree with me or not. These are the most fun kinds of friends to have around. If you've read any of my previous blog entries, you've probably figured out that I don't have many friends like these.

Some of you may even be thinking I have no friends at all. I actually do have friends. Not many, but some friends. I remember someone saying, "I never had a friend I really liked." I'm not sure anyone really has to like their friends. Friends are just nice to have around in the right circumstances. Usually, circumstances that benefit you. I think this attitude is quite common. There's nothing more annoying than when friends drop by when you really don't need them.

This subject logically leads me to Film Noir movies. In Film Noir movies nobody has friends. Everybody is just looking out for themselves. I think Film Noir movies are a pretty accurate depiction of real everyday life.

I like Film Noir movies because they're gritty and always in black and white. Black and white makes even the grit look even more gritty. In these kinds of movies all the characters are tough and dangerous. Even the women. Especially the women. Women are usually called “dames” in Film Noir movies. You always know some dame is going to get some guy in trouble. As you know, this usually happens in real life, too. Like I said, these movies are an accurate depiction of everyday life.

I also like the dialogue in these movies. I wish I could write this kind of dialogue in my stories. Like, after this guy and this dame knock off the dame's husband, the guy is walking along at night thinking, "That was all that was to it. Nothing had slipped, nothing had been overlooked. There was nothing to give us away. And yet, as I was walking down the street to the drug store, suddenly it came to me that everything would go wrong. It sounds crazy but it's true. I couldn't hear my own footsteps. It was the walk of a dead man." Pretty good, hun?

Or, "She started crying softly like the rain on the window". These lines were written by Raymond Chandler for the movie, ‘Double Indemnity’.

I wrote a story about my fictional character Zarkor trying to re-make ‘The Maltese Falcon’ movie. Poor Zarkor keeps getting confused about the scenes in the movie and forgetting stuff. I think it's pretty funny. It's called, ‘The Object’. It's called that because Zarkor doesn't understand Earth animals, so he doesn't know what a falcon is. Or, he's probably forgotten what it was in the first place.

Everyone gets confused sometimes. I usually only get confused when someone is trying to tell me about something. I also usually confuse others when I'm trying to tell them about something. I guess that's what friends are for. No matter how confused we or our friends get, we still remain friends. Maybe it's better that way, to mostly remain confused I mean. That way nobody really knows the truth. Like I always say, “never let the truth come between two friends”.

This entry seems kind of short to me, so I'll pad it out with some other useless information. I could tell you about my dreams, but dreams are dull reading for everyone except the dreamer. I think blog entries should include something anyone could be interested in, not just the blog writer. For you who also write blogs, it's important to do this, or at least to pretend to do this.

Sex is a good subject to write about that usually interest’s people. Around here the spiritual realm or UFO's or conspiracy theories are very popular. I don't write about any of that stuff because I don't know anything about those subjects, except sex. I know a little about sex, but not very much.

If I did write about those subjects I'd be a lot more popular here. Especially if I wrote about sex. I don't do this because it's an easy way to gain popularity. Plus, I'd have to edit out all the most interesting stuff. In old movies when it looks like the hero and some dame are getting ready to do it, the film fades to black, and when it comes back, something completely different is going on.

I like this idea. It leaves everything to the imagination, and the romantic interlude has nothing to do with the plot of the movie anyway. My guess is, the director includes these fading-out scenes to show that the characters are real human beings, just like us. Or just like we'd like to be.

Of course, in movies, something special is always happening. In real life, practically nothing special ever happens. I like it most when nothing special is happening in my life. Every once in a while something special is okay, but not too often. This way I'm forced to appreciate nothing special, and to appreciate more the special parts when they do happen.

Everything is special, by the way, even when nothing is happening. This attitude is called enlightenment by some. This viewpoint or understanding is special in itself. When nothing is going on, the enlightened person is still satisfied, which is a good way to live, I think.

Well, I've padded this entry enough for now. A good writer knows when he's put in enough extra sentences to make his novel long enough to please his editor. I'm not a good writer, but I know when to stop, well sometimes. Stopping is like saying "no" to people. Just saying “no” always keeps you from getting into a lot of useless trouble.

If you take anything away from all of this mess, take that. It will do you some good.

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