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I Write Something Positive About People

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I Write Something Positive About People

Since I've been kind of negative about we human beings lately, I thought I'd say something positive about us here. There are a lot of good things to say about people. I could say a lot of good things about myself, for example. I'm kind to animals, for one thing. I have some cats that I'm real nice to. I feed them and pet them, I take them to the vet when they're sick. I talk to them and even made a place where they can go outside and come back in again all by themselves whenever they want to.

My cats like me and I like them.

Another thing is, I'm polite to strangers. I always say hello and smile whenever I meet someone I don't know. As I said somewhere before, I like people I don't know usually better than I like people I do know. If I had my druthers, I'd surround myself with complete strangers all the time. That way we'd all have a nice time together, and I wouldn't have time for the people I do know. If someone I know pretty well came over to my house for a visit, they wouldn't be able to get in the front door for all the strangers milling around in my house.

My friends would probably wonder what's going on, and maybe even try to push their way into the house to find me. All the strangers they'd have to push out of the way would probably become annoyed at this person pushing them around. Since all these strangers and me get along so well, they may start pushing back at my friends, maybe even pushing back as far as out the door again.

This wouldn't bother me too much, as who needs friends when you're surrounded by strangers?

I'm just dreaming here, as this circumstance will probably never happen. After all, even strangers have their own lives to lead, and probably wouldn't have time to come over to my house anyway. It is a nice dream, though.

Another positive thing I can say about people is, they usually leave me alone. Very seldom does someone knock on my door. I appreciate that kind of behavior from people. Seldom knocking on my door is a virtue I admire. I think a lot of someone I hardly ever see. The more often I don't see one of my friends, the more I like him. I don't actually discourage anyone from visiting me, but I think they get the hint somehow.

I do like visiting other people, though. That way I'm free to leave whenever I want. When someone is in my house, it's usually hard to get rid of them. What I mean is, we usually have a nice time for a while, but inevitably at some moment time's up. My "time's up" moment seems to always not correlate with the other person's "time's up".

I get nervous when this happens. Especially when at that moment the person decides to make him- or herself even more comfortable than what he or she was already. They may settle down farther in a comfy chair and decide they're in for the long haul, and put a satisfied look on their face. They become really happy at being where they are and look around the room pleasantly.

When I see this happening, I usually go into the kitchen and make some coffee or something. Sometimes I ask them if they want a soda to drink. Guests are always expecting a free hand-out. Sometimes I feel like asking them if they'd like a chicken sandwich or a turkey dinner. They'd probably be happy to accept an offer like this, and not feel in the least they might be inconveniencing me in any way.

The only compensation I have in these circumstances is I know the person has to leave eventually. Even guests get tired of being someplace. They just don't get tired very quickly. It's a slow process. And when they do get tired, they're attitude is: "well, you've bored me long enough, I think I'll go somewhere else more interesting".

So, when they do leave, they leave sort of angry. Angry that I didn't entertain them enough while they were here so they could stay longer. At the door, they usually look around for the last time, like they're thinking what a cruddy house I have. While they were really comfortable my house looked great to them, but upon leaving kind of angry, they're wondering how I could possible live in a dump like this.

After they're gone, I feel kind of angry myself. Here I've done my best to be nice to someone, and somehow I feel sort of betrayed. The other thing is, I know this person will eventually come back for another visit. He or she's a friend, after all, and that's mostly what friends do. It's pleasant for me to think of the old adage: one cannot have too many friends.

Well, this is all the positive things I can think of about people for now. I'll try to think of some more examples later.

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