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Fate and Uncertainty

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Fate and Uncertainty

(This is a really long entry, and I apologize for this, but it's what I wrote and I can't help it. I'd like to write really short entries that pack a punch, but feel that would be short changing anyone who reads this stuff, in a way. I like short blog entries myself, and if I came across a really long one like this, in all honesty I'd just skip it. I'm too old so I don't have much time left anyway on stupid stuff. This paragraph is way too long in itself, by the way, so if you've read this far you get the idea of what you're in for if you keep on reading. C'est la vie is all I can say. That's French for "that's life" or "whatever" in English. This sort of leads me into the rest of what I have to say here.}

Here is an old story that you probably already know:

The great Sultan was standing on the edge of his pleasure gardens one evening when he heard a woman scream. Alarmed, he was about to hurry into the gardens to investigate, when his favorite wife ran up to him with terror in her eyes..

"What is wrong, my child!" the Sultan demanded.

"Sire," she said breathlessly, "as I was strolling in the gardens just now, I saw Death standing in the shadow of a great tree, and as I passed, He seemed to reach out as if to grab for me! I screamed in terror and ran to you!"

"Run to my stables and mount my swiftest horse," the Sultan advised, "and ride as fast as you can to Baghdad. You will be there by midnight, and there you will be safe."

The Sultan's wife did as he commanded. After she had gone, the Sultan became more and more angry with Death for frightening his favorite wife in this manner and strode into his garden, determined to admonish Death for His reckless act. Soon, he found Death standing in the shadow of the great tree as his wife had witnessed. Turning to Death the Sultan demanded, "How dare you reach out for my favorite wife and frighten her in my own pleasure gardens! Do you not know I am Sultan of all Arabia?! This is unforgivable!"

"Sire," Death replied meekly, "forgive me, but I did not mean to frighten her. I only raised my hands in surprise to see her here, for I am to take her in Baghdad at midnight."

So, this is all about Fate, I suppose. We are all Fated in a sense. What we do in our present effects our future, but not everything we do ourselves. Even when our future looks brightest, I think there is always an element of apprehension in this pleasant vision. There are always unpredictable elements lurking around. We cannot see these unpredictability’s, but they are there, invisible to us. What are these things?

I think there are animate entities whose essence is unpredictability itself. Sort of sentient Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principles. Here is an Uncertainty, continually changing form, until suddenly it solidifies and becomes existent in the present. Then we have to deal with it, like it or not. It's like an as not yet realized event hidden inside a vapor or a haze that suddenly reveals itself as a monster or as an angel.

These Uncertainty Entities are everywhere lurking about, as I have said, ready to pounce. Sometimes they're very helpful and we welcome them like a cute little furry animal who only wants to cuddle, and sometimes the cute little critter has gnarly teeth savagely trying to bite us. Thankfully, mostly these Uncertainties are rather benign creatures, and make little difference to our total Fate.

Now, one's Total Fate is interesting to think about. We may be able to quantify this into a Total Fate Index, like some sort of a graph, or even better a pie chart. Like this:

What you would include in a pie chart to represent your own Fate Index elements would be up to you, of course. But, remember; always leave space for the Uncertainties. Even if you are so bold or egotistical that you don't leave any room for the Uncertainties at all, believe me, they are certain to crop up somewhere and ruin your perfect little pie chart.

Even if you do nothing in your life, as most of us do, lock your doors, shutter your windows and stay under your bed with your favorite teddy bear, Uncertainties will always find their way in to your cozy little nest. No one can completely hide from them, as hard as we may try.

I think the best way to deal with these creatures is to crawl out from under our beds and face them with unwavering courage and bravery. These entities are bullies, mostly, and at their core they are insecure and frightened themselves, as all bullies are. They're all bluff, and when you stand fast with steely eyes, they usually cower in fear and run for the nearest hiding place of their own.

The only discernment one needs in these circumstances is to be able to recognize when an Uncertainty really means business. A few Uncertainties cannot be bluffed or scared away, or even fought off in hand to hand combat. The best way to deal with these kinds of Uncertainties is to run away. Ducking under a pile of something so it can't find you is a good idea. And believe me, these determined forms of Uncertainties will be diligently searching for you, and they don't give up easily. So the best thing to do is to remain perfectly still in your concealment and don't breathe too much.

An even better defense is not to taunt these formidable creatures in the first place. What I really mean is, don't be stupid. It's ok to be stupid in small ways, but being stupid in big ways is generally an easy path to willful self-destruction. Some may survive confrontations with these brutes, but most don't.

For those who don't, their pie charts at that moment are finalized for all eternity. All the rest of us can do is to stare at these finalized pie charts and nod wisely. A bunch of people gathered around a pie chart nodding wisely is a sad sight to see. So take notice.

The best thing is to make your own Fate Index pie chart with some insight and good judgment. And don't color in too much cleverness. Cleverness always gets you into trouble, and attracts more Uncertainties than you may have time to deal with, with any possibility of success, that is.

My advice is to leave a large space for innocence in your Fate Index pie chart. Not naive or gullible innocence, but child-like innocence. Child-like innocence repels unpleasant Uncertainties like nobody's business.

Also, leaving space for purposeless idleness is a good idea. Purposeless idleness wards off these unpredictable creatures just about one hundred percent. Plus, this gives you time to relax and regain your strength to face the Uncertainties that will inevitably crop up when you absolutely have to do something later.

What I really mean is, If you color in too much space for motives, you're just adding room for more Uncertainties, as Uncertainties just love hanging around motives. And we all know what that leads to.

In conclusion I'd just like to say I have my own Fate Index pie chart, but I won't show it to you. Not because it's embarrassing or anything, but because most of it is just one color. This is because, as I said way far above somewhere, I'm getting old and I'm no longer interested in doing a lot of stuff I was interested in doing when I was younger. My Uncertainty slice is pretty slim. At my age I like it that way.

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