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talking to myself

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Living ones faith



Living ones faith

Religions have always stressed that compassion is not only

central to religious life; it is the key to enlightenment and it the true test of spirituality.

But there have always have been those

who'd rather put easier goals, like doctrine conformity, in place.

I believe it is important to know what one believes. Study of ones spiritual path is important, but the living out from its central driving force is of absolute importance. When this is forgotten is when we can have trouble. It is always about connecting with the heart, both our human heart, as well as with those of others, and the infinite Heart of God. The death to self is really rebirth into a deeper, broader and more loving life. To be off-center with ones path is to become fearful, angry and judging in ways that we are told we have no right to do. I believe that religion and spirituality go together. Religion without a deep personal spiritual life is static, rigid and not life giving. Spirituality without religion ‘can’ become shallow without deep roots. One of the processes of staying within one’s religion is that it leads to compassion for failure, knowing that we are all fragile vessels easily drawn towards chaos, war and acts of destruction towards others as well as self. The older ones religion is, the darker its history can seem to be.


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