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talking to myself

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The gift of melody with it different rhythms,

Soft, and gentle, soothing the soul;

Or fast pounding in its is presentation,

Causing the blood to burn as it flows,

Bringing life and the joy of movement to the fro,

Is like an arrow with it's point aflame

Piercing the heart causing waters to burst forth,

A fountain of healing mist

Bringing life to an otherwise inner desert,

Parched and longing,

Thirsting for the living stream

Which only certain melodies can release.

Bringing freedom for a short time;

The veil thins and the Eternal one draws close,

Catching the one listening unawares in its embrace,

Allowing the inner depths already known by God

To be seen and felt by the one sought after.


The song ends

The heart once again closes

And vigilance returns,

Until once again caught unawares

By that which pursues


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