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What pro-lifers know about abortion (seeing life from both sides)



What pro-lifers know about abortion

(Seeing life from both sides)

This is known by pro-lifers. That many women who get abortion are often under tremendous stress to undergo this procedure. Their families, their friends, lovers and society in general encourages that they ‘get on with their life’ and just do it. Pro-lifers also know that many women are then left alone to deal with the aftermath of the procedure, where they end the life in their womb. Where these women come to understand too late what they have done, and many spend years mourning the loss of their child. Pro-lifers also know that above board people from all faiths and none get abortions.

Pro-lifers also know that men are also affected by abortion. Women will get abortions without consulting their husbands or boyfriends to see if they would to be their loving fathers. They are often pushed outside of the decision process, even when they want to be part of it. I have spoken to men who many years after the abortion, are still dealing with the loss. Not only of the child, but often, the loss of their marriage….for it is quite a betrayal to kill the life in the womb without talking it over with a loving father who wants the child to come into the world.

Pro-lifers also know that many who do abortions, work in clinics are often sure that what they are doing is right and compassionate. Yet lives are taken, blood is spilled, and yes it also known that money is made. The mantra “it is a woman’s choice’ is the mind numbing chant that they use to ease their conscience or to even kill it.

So yes, it is tragic for everyone, we know it. We also know that most abortions are done to get rid of something that is an inconvenience; its humanity is taken away so that it can be seen as only a blob of some sort, tissue only. So yes we understand. Yet….truth be told…..Abortion is murder!

Any procedure that is an aggressive act against a helpless and defenseless human being from conception until death is simply murder. It is just legal (abortion) in most of the world today. Euthanasia is not far off. Slip sliding away…..

We also know of the slippery slop, and the tapes that are now on line show how this works. Body parts being sold! Many people seem to be ok with it and are not shocked…..yes the slippery slop. If this continues there will be a new growth industry, women, getting pregnant so the life in their womb will be aborted for money. You think not? If this sort of thing was found out in 1968, I doubt the response would be the same, the outcry would be greater, louder and the demand for justice stronger. We get used to anything. The mass mind is more controlling than we believe.

All pro-lifers are friends, no matter what their base is. Most come from a religious standpoint, where the human being is considered sacred, called forth and created in love, made for eternal life and not something disposable…..so no, the mother does not have the right to ends its life. Murder is never a right, even if legal…..and yes even if understandable and contemplated with compassion for those women who go through this pain-emotion-filled and life denying procedure.

How should we deal with this? I think we should not be afraid of our inner pain and mourning over this issue, but embrace it. To fight it can lead to anger as a way of expressing it, anger in ways that will only make things worse. As Christians, and I believe all people, no matter their faith or lack of it, who seek to stand up for the sanctity of life are called to witness no matter the response. To lovingly speak the truth about the unborn, those with no one to defend them, who are murdered, cut up by the millions in their mothers wombs….and few seem to care, or if they do, do not speak up.

Christ told us he is found in the least, the outcast, the lowly and defenseless. Who is more lowly or defenseless than the life in the womb? Christ shows us that God is both transcendent and immanent. When an infant is dismembered, it is Christ Jesus who suffers with that child, for he says: “what you do to the least, you do to me”. We Christians and others who believe life is sacred, need to respond the way Christ Jesus did. It is not about control, or power, or fighting, or killing, but about loving those who do what we think is wrong. To do what Christ did on the cross, he forgave…..astounding, yes, but we are called to that kind of life, the expanded life of hearts that can break and suffer without becoming bitter or hate filled.

We are crucified with Christ….that is what St. Paul talked about….in this we are called to experience this pain, without stopping to speak the truth, to pray and to hold silent vigil. I wish that millions of pro-lifers could meet somewhere and not march, but to stand, light candles and pray for healing, for love, for ending of the downward spiral we seem to be caught up in.

Every time I write about this issue, the pain becomes greater. Yet we are called to show love and mercy and to forgo justice. We are called to love our ‘enemies’, those who are different, those who are wounded, those who hate us. We are not called to power, no; we are called to be a leaven to our world, neither to control nor force, but to heal. In Christ we are dealing with paradox, we need to let the seed of the fire of the Holy Spirit to inflame us, if not we will only be inflamed by anger and despair. We need to allow the wound of our love to go deeper and to not run, but to stand in love and compassion for all as Christ Jesus did.


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