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talking to myself

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What self love is not



What self love is not

One day as I was speaking to one of our guest, he wondered how he was supposed to love himself when he is so aware of his past, what is in his heart now and what he is capable of doing. Well I said “self knowledge has its price. Too actually to be able to see yourself in a truthful light takes a type of self love. Also having the strength of ego that many lack; as well as being in touch with your soul and what gives life and breathe to your spirit”, even if unconscious.

People will often think of the love of self that Jesus is talking about as something gentle and full of consolation. When actually to accomplish this will often take a great deal of faith as well as courage. Contempt of self is actually easy. Self love is not self esteem; no, it is embracing the commandment of self love that Jesus gave us. It is a commandment because it is not easy to do, but a choice, which goes against many deep inward currents in our complex human psyche.

It is like patience. The virtue of patience is acquired when we respond patiently to life’s demands when we actually feel otherwise. We learn to love ourselves no matter what our inner lives feel like…..all inner states pass. Self love in the way that Jesus taught is our stable point, a center that we can stand from. For self love, comes from the Heart of God, it is what makes us more human, better able to accept our often confusing, broken, and yes sinful self’s. For it is God’s love flowing into us that leads to healing. It is a true death to self. A self that has to hide from self knowledge, from others and in the end to project outward what it should be dealing with within the soul.

To love ones neighbor as oneself makes sense when looked at from the angle that “The truth will set us free”.


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