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talking to myself

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We are not to judge, we are to heal, lift up and love



We are not to judge, we are to heal, lift up and love

“When God comes, he always calls us out of our house.

We are visited so that we can visit others;

we are encountered so as to encounter others;

we receive love in order to give love.” --Pope Francis

When Jesus healed it was always a call to renter society, to not withdraw out of fear but to seek to share their healing. No matter where one lives, in a city, a small town, on a farm, or in a Monastery, others will be encountered. How we relate to those around us can be a mirror for us to grow in self knowledge and humility. Both go hand in hand. If one or the other is missing, both are impossible.

God calls us to see the dignity of all of his children, and by extension all of creation. People are not objects, things, consumers or part of the ‘masses’. No, before God each is seen for who they are in His light. We are called to grow in the love of God and by doing so; we begin to see all peoples as our brothers and sisters, and all of creation as well. No one is left out, we do that, not God and it often twist our theology into something self-serving and harmful to others. Salvation is a gift; who accepts our rejects is known only to the Father. We are not to judge, we are to heal, lift up and love. Never easy, it is a life long project. It is by our failures and our receiving of mercy, that we grow in self-knowledge and humility. –Br.MD


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