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talking to myself

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The stakes or up with ISIS



The stakes are up with ISIS

Well war has been declared, or the danger has gone up for all of us. I have no doubt that ISIS will pay a heavy price for this senseless attack on people who were no threat to them or anyone. As Pope Francis said, we are in the midst of the Third World War; I suppose it will only get more violent now. I have a feeling that violence towards Muslims who have no desire to harm others will pay for this attack. I hope that we don’t go into revenge mode. ISIS needs to be dealt with severely, how that can be done without innocent Muslims paying with their lives I do not know. All many of us can do is pray. None of us are safe. Guerrilla warfare is hard to beat, or impossible. I have no answers.


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Davros of Skaro


It's tricky when one has to respect other people who believe in flying Horses.

Why should we respect people that believe in flying Horses?

Magic Blood that lifts ancient curses has so much more truth to it.


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What is normal? Well there is a wide spectrum that is consider 'all right', where people can get along and accept each other without fear. When that line is stepped over, well then we have trouble. We all have a world view, that many will not agree with or even think crazy, that is also normal. If someone believes in flying horses, and works, pays his taxes and does not act in ways that are a danger to others, well yes, respect his humanity, his ability to be a good citizen and who knows even a friend. I even have atheist friends ;-).



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