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talking to myself

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What is practice?



What is practice?

In seeking to live deeply ones spiritual path it is best to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. Have a practice that is simple to do, because effort is needed in keeping one foot in front of the other. Not to think of two steps forward or obsess on what happened two steps back, but to simply start where one is at. In chaos, or pain, in failure, or joy, or success, it is the same. All we can do is to start from where we stand, and taking the next step. Grace works the same in all situations, seeking to draw good out of the events in our often chaotic and unstable lives. In prayer or in meditation, we stay in the moment and live it, pray it and experience it fully. The inner voices tend to calm down and clarity can come. If not, then clarity will come anyway after frustrations are projected outward and dealt with. Along with that comes regret. Still, we have to start where we are at. Sort of like someone in AA going up for his or her white chip, again and again. The shame would be in giving up and loosing the simplicity of our spiritual path.


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