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Another Boring Blog Entry



So I’ve been re-writing my fiction and putting them in my other two Blogs, for what they're worth. Nobody comments on Blogs here, not even me usually, though I do read them. Maybe not having comments is a good thing, as if someone did comment on my stuff, well…

I think Blogs are mostly read by Guests around here, which is great, and whoever reads my rubbish, I appreciate the views I get. See, Guests can’t comment. The other thing is, probably any Members who do read my junk probably come here as Anonymous Users. I don’t blame them for this, as I wouldn’t want to be recognized as reading the trash I write, either.

I always try to label my writings as “rubbish”, “junk”, “trash”, etc. I think this is a good idea. If a reader considers what I write as “garbage”, for instance, then I’m satisfied, as that’s what I’ve said it was all along.

Alternately, if someone thinks what I write is even slightly better than refuse, that’s a plus, a boost to my ego, and thereafter I may consider what I write ever so slightly worthwhile. See, I can’t loose either way. I like protecting myself in this manner. If one doesn’t expect anything, when nothing happens it's okay. Life goes on as usual.

I do like what I write, however, though I’m not a very good author, especially as an author of fiction. Actually, the word “author” doesn’t mean anything. It just means you wrote something. What you’ve written’s quality is not included in the definition of the word. This is why I consider myself an author. This way what I write doesn't have to include any quality to it, which I'm not able to add, anyway. So I think the term fits me very well.

All the above is very boring to read, I know. Blogs are all about the blog author and their opinions, after all, and who really cares about anyone else's opinions? Nobody, usually. Like, when you tell someone what your opinion is about some subject, you can easily tell the listener isn’t really listening. He/she has their own opinions and doesn’t give a hoot about yours. They’re just waiting for you to shut up so they can tell you their opinions.

I think this is a good idea, and I’m glad this is the situation. It would be too confusing if everyone else were able to sway your opinions over to theirs. That would make you think your own views were stupid, and why did you ever think that? It would be demoralizing, and you’d come to have a low opinion of your own opinions.

Besides, constantly changing your opinions depending on the particular person you’re talking to at any given moment…well, everyone would be fearful to speak to anyone. Everyone's personal views would be chameleons, and one’s precious identity would go out the window.

So I think we should hold our opinions, stupid as they may or may not be, to ourselves as tightly as we can and never change them. This way at least we know who we are. Even if who we are is just our opinion.

The philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “If you want to see Reality, loose your opinions”. This may be a bad idea, after all. I mean, who of us wants to see Reality? Nobody, usually.

That’s why we write Blogs.


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Sorry for not commenting more, but I have been following the Case of the Crippled Replica with great interest. :)

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Thanks tcgram for your comment and your interest. After about 6 months of not knowing, I've finally figured out what that story is about. Hopefully I can bring it to a satisfactory conclusion in the next few chapters.

Well, if the characters will cooperate and not try to drag it out for their own egotistical reasons. I hate it when characters count their own dialogue and argue among themselves who has the most time on stage, so to speak.

There's a lot of jealousy among fictional characters. I keep telling them no matter their part in the story, they'll all live forever as long as someone reads the story, so shut up and stop your bickering.

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um as a fellow book writer is there anyway to get a hold of you via email so that we can bounce ideas back and forth and proof each others work. I have 2 books in the making and would like proofing, if possible please email me at warriorkid1549@gmail.com

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