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Awesome AP experience

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For the past week Ive done a little experimenting with guided meditation. I didn't really think it would work, but I have been having very limited success with astral projection. So I thought, what could it hurt? For 4 nights straight nothing happened. Oh I should take a step back. First, the guided meditation im speaking of is a technic that seeks to keep your consciousness aware through out the falling asleep process. You put on some head phones, and listen to really soothing music, while a very calm voice instructs you through the process. Id recommend this for anyone. At the very least you can get the benefits of meditation, even if you are not interested in astral projection. Ive heard it said that if every 8 year old began to learn meditation right now, and for the rest of their lives, there would be world peace within 20 years. I don't know if Id go that far, but I believe it would certainly begin to move our collective consciousness closer to those goals.

Anyhow, about 15 minutes in to the meditation, I began to get a strange feeling all over my body. This feeling is very hard to explain. It wasn't the typical vibration feeling I had gotten in past experiences. Sitting here trying to express this feeling, I really just don't have the words. I knew it meant something though. The voice in my ears were still just trying to get my body in full relaxation mode, but I had already gotten past that stage, an took this strange feeling I was experiencing as a exit sign. I was correct. Next thing I knew I was walking into my living room, and I headed right for the door. Here is where things get strange for a second. These experiences feel so real that it can play tricks on you. As I was heading towards my door, the clarity overwhelmed me to the point where I had then convinced my self that I wasn't projecting at all. It felt so real, for a minute I couldn't grasp that it wasn't. Its so convincing that I even forgot what had happened to get me to that point. Now standing before my door, Im completely convinced that I have actually gotten out of bed in this physical reality, and that the door I was standing in front of was the same door I walk through everyday. I nearly turn back towards the bedroom to try to start all over, but it was dark in the room, so like second nature without even thinking, I reach for the door knob to make sure its locked before I head back to bed. A smile came over my face when my hand went right through the knob.

No time to dwell on the success of this attempted astral projection. You never know how long they might last. This could be over any second. So many things to see and do. But first I have to get through this door. I thought Id have trouble, cause I just couldn't seem to mentally look past the door. All I saw was the door. I cringed as I led with my head to past through, thinking it would hurt when my head smacked into it. To my surprise I had very little trouble. Past right through. I did the same with the next and last door Id have to pass to get to the outside. I no sooner got to my front lawn when BAM Im laying back in bed hearing the soothing music an calm voice playing through my head phones.

The voice coming through the head phones now begins the instruction of exiting the body. With eyes closed I was instructed to try and feel like I was floating up. I tried to imagine it, and even felt like it may have been happening. Then it felt like it wasn't. Satisfied with my results for the night, I went to turn off the video I was playing through my phone, and actually get some sleep. I open my eyes, and even begin reaching over towards the phone when I realize I am suspended in the middle of the air. HIGH in the air. The clouds were nearly within my reach. Thinking back now, Im not sure why I wasn't completely shocked to find out where I was. So I reach my arms towards space and try to fly towards it like superman. But for some reason when I went to do that I began to float back down. Very frustrating. I began to lose control and my head that was just a second ago pointing up, is now pointing down. I look up to see my feet as I continued to descend. So I refocus my efforts to go up, when I take off like a rocket. Upside down, feet pointing up, Im flying towards space at a incredible speed. Next thing I know Im in what looks like a dirty cloud. Looked like a brown cloud with little pieces of paper swirling around me. And there the secession ended for the night.

I was kinda disappointed cause I really wanted to explore space. But overall Im very happy with the results.

Thanks for taking the time folks. Any comments/questions welcome.

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White Crane Feather


The issue when you are in that state is about fundamental intention and state. The act of trying to fly is actually a mental state of not flying. I know I sound like Yoda, but "trying" do do something is essentially that same as not doing it. So you have to remove the mental block of you are trying to do something and convert it to you are currently doing it. The best way I have found to do this is to pick a destination and assume you are already there. If you can get the idea of space as a barrier uut if your head or even just forget it for a moment, you can make a lot of head way. If you want to fly around try not to focus on flying but simply enjoy flying. I know it's hard. The mental gymnastics in a state of pure thought are quite a bit different than we are used to.

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