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Sleep paralysis, Shadow people, Hatman ect



Hello blog world. I honestly hope everyone is doing well. Im adding this section to my blog cause a few months ago I decided to write a book on sleep paralysis. Ive spent a great deal of effort communicating individually with people who have had these experiences. Many of the people Ive communicated with have been great. Some have been really helpful and took my requests very seriously. Ive had some amazing responses. Problem Im running into is these stories tend to be really short. The leg work to get as many as needed has been a uphill battle. So I thought Id send out a request. If you have had any experience with the mystery we call sleep paralysis, please feel free to PM me, and share in detail your story. Please include any other information you feel might be directly relevant. Also include what name you'd like to be called, and a general location of where you are in the world.

Thanks for all who took the time to read this. And especially thanks to those who have and/or will respond.

Thanks again


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