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Mental Mudslide

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Crappy Medicine

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Keel M.


If you find yourself reading this, be warned, it's going to sound like a pity party. And it is. So if you don't want to read about me whining, move along. :P

In May 2015, I was hospitalized for the first time in my life for extreme hypertension. I'm now taking medication for high blood pressure and at the moment, I hate that I have to take these medications. I have not minded up to now. I mind now, because hypertension medication prevents me from taking any medication for allergies. So I'm basically ****ed. The ONLY thing I can do is use my netti pot frequently. I do, but not while I'm at work and having allergy/sinus issues doesn't stop when I get to work and resume later. Saturday my left ear was so stopped up that hearing was reduced to about half.

You'd think with all this modern medicine we have that they'd try creating something that anyone could take without twenty other side-effects. Even the ONE medicine that used to be sold specifically for people who have hypertension - Choricidin HBP - can't be found on the shelves anymore. At least not where I've looked.

Sometimes I think modern medicine isn't as advanced as we think.

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