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God, Ethical Behavior and Friends



I haven't commented about anything in a long time so I thought I'd post this Commentary. It's just more rubbish from me, of course, but I hope it's also entertaining to read. I also think there is some truth in it, maybe an uncomfortable truth, though saying something has some truth in it usually puts people off. I mean, who wants to hear the truth? Nobody.

God, Ethical Behavior and Friends

Now we all know that God doesn’t like us very much. This has been proven to me many times in my life, and for brevity I won’t go into the details. Then again, sometimes I think God just doesn’t like me in particular. That could be true. I say this because it seems God does like certain other people. Just not me.

If I think about myself realistically (which I do as little as possible), I can see why God wouldn’t like me very much. I mean, I’m basically not that great a person.

See, I’m only a great person when I pretend to be a great person. This is not too difficult for me, because I’m good at being sneaky and sucking up to people. I’ve had to practice this nearly all my life and I’ve become rather expert at it. I do this because it’s a profitable way to live, as I usually get what I want when I do this. It’s a form of self-reliance, which I’m told is a good thing.

I do this pretty often (the sucking-up and pretending). Well, actually, as often as I can, which is pretty much all the time. This kind of behavior may seem to some to be unethical, but let me tell you, ethics has nothing to do with personal relationships.

This is because, who really knows what ethical behavior is? I have friends who have sides of their personalities that I don’t like, but I keep them as friends anyway. Instead of telling them what jerks they are, I just look at their bright sides and smile when they say something stupid. Is this ethical or unethical? You decide.

Now, I’ve got all my friends figured out, so I know who to go to if I want something. This is essential knowledge to have in life. Why waste time asking the wrong person for something when the right person to ask is standing right there in front of you?

I think behavior such as this is ethical behavior in the sense that, why confuse or embarrass someone by asking for something I know won’t be given to me? This just puts him/her on the spot. This is unethical. I don’t want to embarrass anyone, plus I may even loose a valuable friend in this way.

This would make me feel bad, and would even make the other person feel bad. This is not appreciating your friends or treating them properly.

You see, the worst thing you can do is loose friends by asking them the wrong questions. After all, it’s difficult enough to find friends who have exactly the right abilities to satisfy your particular needs at any given moment, and to loose their friendship in such a clumsy manner…well, this only means you have to find some new friend to take their place who meets your requirements in the same way as the lost friend.. Oftentimes not an easy task.

I mean, what are friends for, anyway? If your friends can’t satisfy your particular needs on some particular occasion, is this really friendship?

Also, this guy who you think is your friend may be just pretending to be your friend for some reason, which is unethical behavior. You have to be always on the alert for these kinds of people.

Now, you may say I’m just using people, but I’m not. If you are diligent and selective enough, you will find people who actually enjoy satisfying your momentary needs. In this sense, I’m not using anyone; I’m fulfilling their empty, desperate lives.

I know these people’s lives are empty and desperate, because these people are glad and happy to see me when I visit them. I figure, knowing what kind of person I am, anyone who would be glad and happy to see me coming down their walk must lead empty and desperate lives.

The trick is, though, even if they’re not so glad and happy to see me (which happens, especially when I’ve visited them just yesterday), whatever their attitude or response is to seeing me when I visit them, I don’t care much. It really doesn’t matter, as usually they have some amount of tolerance for too-frequent visitors.

As I say, I rely on this tolerance, but I also know the limits to this kind of tolerance. This is another benefit to having your friends figured out.

For this very reason, it’s good idea to have Duplicate Friends. By Duplicate Friends I mean, having several friends with the same kinds of personalities. Having duplicate friends, I can spread this tolerance around a little. It’s the same as having one friend with several times the tolerance. Very convenient.

Well, I started out talking about God, now I’ll tell you why. Since God doesn’t like me much, I, of course, have been forced to invent these various devices to better my life, since I can’t rely on God to do all this for me. This why I spend so much time meticulously examining other people, whom incidentally I happen to label “friends”.

I’m all alone in this cold world, and without God’s help I have to do everything myself, like I said. This is unfair and cruel of God, but I don’t blame God very much for this callous attitude toward me. As I’m not much of a great person to begin with, God’s heartless attitude toward me is not hard to understand.

It’s probably best this way. Would I really want to be God’s friend? If there’s a possibility God is anything like me, I think I’d pass.


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(I hope you don't mind if I offer another perspective to your thoughts.)

I try to evaluate people and their place in society with this scripture in mind:

"for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable." Romans 11:29 NASB

You apparently have a gift for encouragement, though you appear to be judging its value according to your own negative self-judgment. It's as though you've gotten a driver's license from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and then you condemn yourself for occasionally changing lanes without signalling.

I believe that every person has gifts and talents bestowed upon us by a benevolent God. You mentioned that some of your friends are happy when you visit them: Your gift of encouragement is important to them, just as their gift of hospitality is important to you. They may be thinking the same thoughts about you as you think about them: "SMK is here again! Let's make him feel as welcome as possible, so we might brighten his day."

My perspective: recognize my gifts and use them to bless others, and recognize the gifts that other people possess, and allow them to bless me.


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Thanks for your comment simplybill! :) All my commentaries are supposed to be whimsical and satirical, maybe ironic, which means they're an exaggeration, hopefully with some truth in them.

I also try to purposefully denigrate myself as much as possible, usually be saying what I write is mostly rubbish. I think this is a refreshing attitude, as most opt for the opposite. I think taking one's self too seriously is deadly to the spirit of life, which in my opinion should be happy and a little mischievous, with some preposterous thrown in for good measure.

I think God's personality is somewhat playful, as well. Would we have a healthy sense of humor if God wasn't part rascal? Someone said, "a flower is nature laughing". I like that, and I think God would appreciate that sentiment and smile. That's probably what God meant when he invented flowers.

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I like ur brain...question to ponder....are you like this because of God's attitude (tongue in the cheek now... Not serious deliberation) or is God like that to u because of your attitude towards Him...


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All this is supposed to be some kind of humorous satire, with some truth in it, however. Tongue in cheek, as you say. If there is a God, I think God must have created everything for Its own perverse amusement. I mean, why else would a God create all the hardships and troubles we all have to live through, the mental pain, anxiety, etc.?

According to the Bible, God doesn't like us, does He? We're all depraved sinners. In this sense, God's attitude toward me creates my attitude toward God. I've given God the finger lots of times in my life, and I think God is pleased by this gesture, as it demonstrates that He has suitably accomplished the task He had in mind when He created us.


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Or maybe the Creator wanted some company to share in the vast expanse of eternity.  Maybe the angels were just a trial run.  They were created as servants, messengers that were not designed to have free will.  Imagine being an entity that lived totally independent of time or place.  The very brief span of biological life would seem very unimportant compared to the lessons it could teach about the things that mattered.  What kind of person would you be if from the moment you became self aware, every need and desire were fulfilled for you with little or no effort?  

I think the biggest stumbling block between man and the Creator is that too many of us want to stand in judgement of a being that we really don't have the ability to understand.  We judge God as though he were human.  A perverse human at that...

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