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Ok So I Was Wrong

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For some reason I am able to remember things from my past in perfect detail. I remember damn near everything. Long time friends I often correct when we sit around telling tails from our teenage years. They remember the stories, but often miss the little details. I don't know why but Im like an elephant in this regard. I even remember phone numbers from girls I used to call. Some as early as 6th grade.

So the other day I was thinking about how this is the year Im going to turn the big 4 0. Instantly I had a flash back of my senior year in high school. Sitting in the front row of Mr. Hamburgers science class. Before class had started, I was talking to a friend of mine named Chris. I wont bore you with every detail of our conversation. I'll just say my last sentence in it was " Life ends at 40 years old". And I believed it. Nearly every adult I knew was miserable over one thing or another.

Both myself and Chris's jaw about dropped to the floor when Danielle Tinelli(sp?), the girl who sat directly behind me says, "No life begins at 40". Neither of us were shocked at what she had said. We were shocked cause she said it to me. To explain I have to take you back about 5 years from that moment. Danielle was my first crush. At the beginning of 7th grade I asked her, with my heart pounding in my chest, if she wanted to be my girl friend. She agreed. For that entire year it was me an Danielle. Every school dance. Every movie night at the theater, ect. Well one day, just before 7th grade was over she had told my friend Brian, to tell me it was over. Not only that, but that she hated me, and would never speak to me again. I never did find out exactly how, or why she came to that conclusion.

Well come to find out, she wasn't kidding. I had at least 5 classes with her every year, sitting with in one seat away, all through high school. It took me a little while to get comfortable with the idea. Its hard to sit right next to someone, damn near all day, for years, and never speak a word to each other. But I eventually got it, and soon didn't even recognize that she even existed.

So you could imagine my surprise when I hear her respond to a statement that wasn't even directed towards her. "Life begins at 40" she said, after 5 long years of dead silence. I took a second to process. Did she really just speak to me? After treating me like a leper the last 5 years? I pretended I didn't even hear her, even though I knew she knew I did.

Anyhow, here I am now starring down the barrel of 40 years old. I don't believe either myself, or Danielle were right. But as I watch my 4 year old playing on the swings, I can say I was definitely wrong. It remains to be seen if she was correct I suppose.

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