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From: Jesus shows us the Father

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If there ever was a Judas. The earliest Christian writings make no mention Christ's betrayal by one of the Twelve. He makes his first appearance in The Gospel of Mark, written after the first Jewish Revolt. His name and story of betrayal are seen by some scholars as an attempt by early Christians to differentiate themselves from the Jews and the origin of modern antisemitism.

I think both Judas and Peter, the betrayal and denial happened. It is what happens when humans form groups of any kind, so with Jesus why should it be any different. Human weakness, selfishness and evil are a given I believe, as well as our desire to grow and change. There is a dynamic involved than can be understood by anyone. I don't think Judas is hated, or if people who read the story are shocked, it could have been any of us if the situation was right.

In the 50's on of the monks here wanted to say a mass for Judas, so he went to the abbot and got permission. Not that it was needed, we are asked to pray for all and not to judge anyone. Not all statements in the New Testament are influenced by the Holy Spirit, they were men who were writing about the early Church's experiences and naturally the feelings towards Judas would be intense. Even when John's Gospel was written around 90 CE, it was still less than 60 years after the death of Jesus, so there were people still alive from the time of Christ.

There are many books and theories that try to explain away Jesus, or the experiences of the early church. If one does not believe in the reality of the revelation of Jesus, it is understandable that people will try to find ways to deal with it if the topic is important to them.

I do agree that the attitude of the Church in its history did great harm in how attitudes towards the Jews developed. There is a great deal of failure in the history of the Church, which does not in anyway negate the truth or reality of the Risen Lord,



Source: Jesus shows us the Father

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