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Story excerpt

Galactic Goatman


Jane rung the bell on the counter and waited for the teller to arrive. She waited several seconds and rang it again. "I'm comin' I'm a comin'!" She heard a voice from the room on the other side of the counter. Suddenly a python rose up from behind the counter. "Gah! Your... A snake." Jane said in surprise. "Dang right I am! Now what can I do for ya ma'am?" Jane shook off the initial shock of this talking snake. "Yess, I would like to make a sssmall withdrawl." The snake just looked at her with what could only be called a condescending stare. "Now listen here little missy, are we gonna do business or are we just gonna stereotype each other?" The snake told her. Jane was taken aback. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just want to take twenty five out of my account." Trying her best to sound apologetic. "Of course ma'am, do you want that in cash or bananas?" The snake told her. Jane gave an annoyed huff. "That wasn't very funny." She said.


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