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The Subconscious Mind

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I must first say that this is not a serious dissertation. Serious dissertations put people off. No one wants to read anything that's too serious. Especially if the writer goes into minute details. Only obsessive people like reading minute details about some subject. I'm not obsessive about anything, so I always leave the minute details out. I figure that way the reader has room to use his/her own imagination about stuff I leave out, or if the reader is obsessive, he/she can put in their own minute details as they will. I think that's the only fair way to be. Leave room for others to think for themselves.

So, here’s the sub-conscious stuff: (Sub-conscious mind meaning the part of your brain that is working but it’s not letting your conscious mind know what it’s doing)

I sometimes wonder what my subconscious mind is thinking that it won't tell me about. I mean, my subconscious must be working all the time, right? Thinking thinking thinking. But it only lets me know what it's thinking when it decides it wants me (the conscious me) to know what its thinking about.

It could be thinking all sorts of interesting stuff, but it keeps all these fun ideas to itself. I'm not sure why it does this. Out of spite perhaps or maybe it’s just not very interested in my conscious mind.

Now, our subconscious is the boss, isn't it? Where else do your conscious thoughts come from? I mean, thoughts don’t think themselves. If our thoughts originated in our conscious minds, our consciousness would first have to think what thought it wanted to think, then think that thought. That leads to an endless regression of thoughts thinking thoughts.

Let's just agree that all our thoughts originate in our subconscious for now, alright?

For instance, when you're trying to think of something to say or write, or just trying to remember a word or a name, you usually just stop thinking consciously and let your subconscious do the work for you. Then pretty soon the word or whatever flashes in your mind, seemingly all by itself. In other words, your conscious mind is just a helpless mimic with no original thoughts of its own. It's just a outlet so your subconscious can express itself.

In fact, your whole body is just a convenient machine and receptacle for the subconscious. Who you consider as 'the conscious You' doesn't really exist. It's the subconscious who exists. The 'You' that you think you are is just its hapless puppet. 'You' is just a fictional creation of your subconscious mind. Sort of a convenience for it. It's a convenience in the respect that when the 'You' does something particularly stupid, the 'You' gets all the blame and your subconscious goes scot-free. Even the subconscious can make a mistake now and then, but it never has to take responsibility for its error. Nice setup.

I think all this is correct, because you see, it must be my subconscious mind who is really writing this right now. I know this because my conscious mind can’t think fast enough by itself to keep up with my typing. My conscious mind doesn’t even know what I’m going to type next. I just type, and my subconscious is doing all the work.

So, in this blog entry for some reason, my subconscious mind is finally admitting the truth out loud. It’s admitting that it’s the boss, not me. It's come out of the closet, so to speak.

You may not agree with all this, but then who is it who does not agree? I think a person who does not agree with me on this subject is a person who is controlled by his/her subconscious mind that doesn't want its identity to be revealed. For its own personal reasons it doesn't want to come out of the closet, doesn’t want to admit that it is the real boss. Maybe it's afraid that if everyone's subconscious mind revealed its true identity, the fictitious part of the mind that thinks the 'Me' is in control will go mad. Or maybe the part of the mind who thinks the 'Me' is in charge is really the subconscious mind playing a joke on itself. Or rather, playing a joke on the conscious 'Me' who just thinks it’s the boss. I think this second idea is more likely.

One subconscious mind talking to another subconscious mind: "Hey, I've been making my guy think he's the real person here! He's so gullible I could almost puke. Or make him puke. How 'bout you?"

"Yeah man, I'm doing the same thing with my guy! It's a laugh, isn't it? What a jerk my guy is! I've got him actually believing it's him who's doing all this stuff that I'm making him do! He's such an un-insightful dope! These consciousnesses are really pathetic." And so on.

I think, or rather my subconscious mind thinks all this to be true. Your subconscious mind knows it is true, but it may or may not allow your conscious mind to accept it. Don't worry too much, though, this is just another one of my blog entries, not to be taken too seriously. They're supposed to be sort of humorous and light-hearted, ideas that spin around inside my head. But nevertheless, I do believe there's some truth in what I say.

Thanks for reading! :)

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