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Aspie stereotypes

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These are the Aspie stereotypes I dislike the most, and why they don’t apply to me.

-Aspies are nothing but fleshy computers (I can think creatively, a computer cannot)
-Aspies stink at social communication and etiquette (I have decent social communication skills, but etiquette? Ya not so much…)
-Aspies are apathic and do not care for the emotions of others (I am VERY empathic)
-Aspies are “anal retentive” and only care about useless factoids (I care about more things than factoids)
-Aspies speak in a monotone devoid of even the slightest emotion (My voice is quite emotional)
-Aspies don’t swear (I admit this is true for me)
-Aspies talk with an air of superiority (I never speak to anyone like this)
-Aspies are doomed to stay single unless a girl takes pity on them (I cant really say much about this one, I’ve never had a GF)
-Aspies are only male (I have known female Aspies)
-Aspies are little more than children and need constant care and supervision (I spend a good part of my life alone, and I can take care of myself)
-Aspies are only into “Autistic things” (What, pray tell, is an “Autistic thing”?)
-Aspies have embarrassing “episodes” (I have meltdowns from time to time, but I wouldn’t call them episodes)
-Aspies are just faking it for attention (I despise it when people say I’m “just faking it”)
-Aspies are your typical nerds/geeks (Aspies can be anything, we are not nerds or geeks in the traditional sense)
-Aspies aren’t emotional (I am quite emotive.)

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Silent Sunbeam


I really want to thank you for sharing.  We have a wonderful grandson who is an aspie and I think he would totally agree with all of your comments.  I think I know him a little better, thanks to you.  

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Didn't even know that about you bro. 

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