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talking to myself

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We are pilgrims after all

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We are pilgrims after all

Truth is not a commodity, something I have and no else does.  Truth is like love, we can embrace it according to what we are capable of.  When we seek to love God or to embark on seeking truth, it is then the seed sprouts and grace begins to do its work.  To judge others according to our own ‘narrow’ understanding of this world and how God relates to each human being is extremely self- centered.  Judgment of others puts us in the place of God.  I find it interesting that the more ‘fundamentalist’ one becomes the more some of them take on themselves the role of God by making their own interpretation of scriptures infallible. Of course I am judging now, aren’t I?

Of course this can apply to any thread of thought; it does not have to be religious at all.   We are in a world of seeking, asking and knocking.  That is what we do; arriving is not for here, for how can we arrive when we are here for such a short time.  We are pilgrims after all.--Br.MD

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