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Pocket Monsters Advance



As I lay on my couch, waiting for my paycheck to be deposited, I am left to wonder: how did my life get this way? A life where every simple task becomes a very expensive and elongated problem. A life where almost no one is willing to offer their assistance in matters where it is required. It seems like everyone I know has had some form of help from their families and/or friends. Be it, teaching them how to drive or helping them get their first job, whereas I have never received any such help from anyone. The most I got was some dishes and towels and a 'good luck' or two. But it's okay. I made it just fine for about a year until the bedbugs attacked. Now I am back to square one. My future hangs in limbo and I have no idea which way it will go. My bet is the wrong way but that's just me being pessimistic which should come as no surprise to those of you who have read any of my previous blogs.

Anyway, regardless of where I will be living next month, today I am purchasing a new cell phone because the one I have is a piece of absolute garbage. First of all, it doesn't even belong to me, it's built to be durable but the screen is cracked, since they focused on hardware when building it, the software is crap, Android 4.1 so it can't run Pokémon Go (which I've been waiting for and longing to play since I heard it was being developed), and the contract expires in a couple days with the option to upgrade but I am choosing not to because I don't like contract phones, they are way too overpriced. So I am buying a cheap-ish phone from Amazon as soon as the money hits my bank account. I am hoping and wishing that the phone arrives before Sunday (or even ships at all since the last time I tried this, the phone never shipped).

I've been a Pokémon fan since I was about 6 years old and I used to pray to God to make Pokémon real and well, this augmented reality smartphone game is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to that prayer being answered. At least until the virtual reality version. So to have it surprisingly released when I was not prepared was not cool. And now I've had to listen to almost all of my coworkers talk about it, I've had to read about it virtually everywhere on the internet and it seems I'm the only person in the country who really wants to play it but can't. Thousands of people who thought Pokémon was childish and stupid a month ago are playing it and loving every minute of it, even if they don't know what a Chansey is. Well I know all 151 Pokémon in the game and all 570+ of the rest of them. To say I'm a bit jealous is an understatement.

So, I am disregarding bills and even food to buy a phone that is up to par with my standards and I don't give a flying Rattata's ass what anyone thinks about it.


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Sometimes when everything goes so wrong, one thing can turn your attitude or luck around.  If it takes a phone to get you in the right frame of mind, then that is what it takes.  It may suck in the here and now, but things will get better.  

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Offers some dishes, some towels and a "good luck". :)  I know you love Pokemon, of which I know nothing about, used to be your avatar. Lots of people in their early 20's struggle along, I know I did. I can't speak for you, but I didn't fit in anywhere, but I was kind of proud of it. I didn't really want to fit in with the ordinary. I considered this a sign of my uniqueness as a autonomous human being, a heightened awareness of what's really going on around me. It was all up to me. I tried to be amused at myself and the situations I was in, though it was not always very amusing to be there.

As glorybebe says above, it's the frame of mind that is important. You seem to have an intelligent and realistic attitude that may cause some pessimism, but at the same time I see optimism as well. Sometimes it's good to look forward to not knowing what's going to happen next. It's sometimes an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

We don't really know what is good or bad for us. Sometimes the terrible things that happen to us turn out really for the best and we find ourselves in a better place because of them.

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Oh dear, Pokemon go, if that really is your main interest in life i am not surprised that life is dealing you a bad hand or shall i say,you are dealing yourself a bad hand.

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1 minute ago, noppohn said:

Oh dear, Pokemon go, if that really is your main interest in life i am not surprised that life is dealing you a bad hand or shall i say,you are dealing yourself a bad hand.

It's not my main interest in life, just in that moment. My main interest in life is to be happy. 

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