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talking to myself

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We are not just one of many

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We are not just one of many
He and I retreat 5-7 August 2016

“Don’t you believe that when you pray I listen to you, and that I love you? 
Pray, believing and loving.  Adore and give thanks.  Humbly adore, trustfully adore, with faith in Me, the all-powerful one.  Adore, while you are loving Me”

He and I message (4/16/39)
  published by Pauline press


One of the struggles of living a life of prayer is that it can become perfunctory, or perhaps mindless is a better term.  On days when fatigue is present, or anxiety is being felt deeply, or anger or fear, or any number of inner states that man is prone too, we can allow ourselves to be carried away from the ‘present moment’, where prayer places us.  For it is now, in this place, that I a creature bound by finite time can choose to open up my heart to that which is eternal, infinite and beyond space and time.  In Christianity the Infinite One is both immanent and transcendent, loving and what is almost beyond belief, seeks each one of us out.  When that is forgotten, when we think we are just one of the many, then prayer can be come mechanical and empty.  When rooted in the present and embracing the joys as well as the more painful experiences of life, we do not feel the compulsion to flee into addiction, or fantasy or into mindless entertainment…which in the end only makes things worse.  When we allow restlessness to grip us, we only become more restless.  When we become mindful of the moment and of the Eternal One who calls us to prayer in all moments, then we can find home ‘now’, ‘here’, and find rest.  So, no, faith is not for the weak, nor is prayer a magical formula to escape life, but an invitation to embrace this life fully in Christ Jesus, who himself did not flee from his own deep suffering and death. 

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