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Hey youz guys! A ghostly quandry



So I was talking to a couple of siblings today about ghosties and stuff. Part of that discussion was about how kids see things that go bump in the night easier because they haven't had rhe real world crammed down their gobs yet.  Perhaps it's a little different these days since electronics are so prevalent these days that maybe ghosts have to work that much harder to get noticed.

I wonder what a spirit would have to do to pry someones eyes from their smart phone as the played pokemon go. Perhaps they could do a ghostly strip tease, with all the videos out their of stripper pole fails, maybe the ghosts are causing those flubs.

With devices like the popular spirit box, maybe it would be easier for the dead to commune with the living. Perhaps the games people play on their phones are inspired by evil ghost overlords looking to pad their kingdoms with people who don't pay attention to their surroundings as they are immersed in their pokeporn.

Just a few thoughts.


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You are working from the perception that it is us that have to notice them....ever thought that we might be invading their space and us seeing them is them trying to get rid of us bothering them? So working from that point I think they might welcome the electronic devices that keeps us out of their reality...;) just a thought

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It's funny I never really thought about the laptops smart phones and all with the kids today in that aspect but. It would make it harder for the ghost to get the kids attention. Well they could always maybe manipulate the kids electronics that might do it. 

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That is a possibility for sure Debstermania, no one knows for sure unless those on the other side manage to communicate beyond scares that it is their intent to be left alone. Communication from the living has become less of an art form these days as well.

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