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talking to myself

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What or who we truly are is not yet known

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What or who we truly are is not yet known

I agree that being a loving person is something humans are not.  Yet we strive to become loving and in that we call upon the Lord for grace and healing.  Self knowledge allows us to see our need and woundedness without despairing, or having our ego shattered.  Jesus as the Word has loved us into existence and will bring what he has started in our hearts to fruition.  What or who we truly are is not yet known or understood, yet it is the Lord who knows our true name, our true essence and one day we will learn it as well.

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I liked this enough to refer to it in another thread, even though the first sentence after the heading is awkward.

If we are not innately loving, our need to be loved inclines us to love in return.  So long as there is, at least, one 

trusted and true person to love a child unconditionally enough to assure his/her wholesomeness, the youngster

will seek out symbiotic relationships.


0:-) MGby.


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Our upbringing is important.  Yet as you said, all that is needed is to find one person who truly loves us and to respond does have deep repercussions.  Then there is the love of God that never stops pursuing us I believe.


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Marcion Meets E. Sibyl


I have never met a human being who could sustain giving love like a boundless fountain of joy. Unconditional love is a radiating power, truly. It is a quality of a Christ-like being. Humans strive to love by choice, but the divine is love by definition. I strive to be loving, partly because I have never forgotten my meeting with this wonderful being in the Void. Was he Jesus? I believed then that he was my Lord Christ. I have no doubt, however, that it is by grace alone that I am still able to remember that experience. In fact, my constant prayers are to never forget my loving side, and avoid adding to the confusion of the moment by not letting my baggage speak on my behalf. It is interesting that you believe that Lord knows our true essence because my deep faith and connotation of my meeting with Christ point in that direction, as well.

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