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America's choice

and then


It's 1:30 AM here in south Alabama.  The election will be decided in about 48 hours. A lot of sound and fury that signifies nothing?  Oh no, it signifies a great deal for us and the world.

I want to begin with a disclaimer because there are a few here who cheerfully accuse me of inciting violence.  The following statements are my OPINIONS.  They are nothing more or less than that....opinions.  I do NOT desire or advocate any violence against ANY person, group or government entity.  

I pray that HRC is defeated but I fully expect her to win.  Unless irrefutable proof is brought out that cheating has occurred on a scale that could change the electoral outcome, I will accept the vote and the new president as legitimate.  That does not mean I will not protest any illegal actions by the administration, simply that I will accept the legitimacy of the choice of my fellow citizens.  What follows are my predictions about what I see happening in the weeks and months ahead.  I pray earnestly that I am mistaken but I base these predictions on my faith, (scant) knowledge of history, and my rather deeper understanding of human nature.

When HRC wins, I expect there to be a few here who will crow, shout and gloat over their "team" winning.  I consider that to be a childish response but I understand the urge.  If the Donald were to win I'd expect the same from many on the Right and I'd feel the same about them as well.  The issues in our country and our world are far too serious to surrender to such inanity.  The choice that Americans make in the next 48 hours will echo for years to come.  The only real guarantee that can be made at this point is that when the election is certified, half of the population will be angry, disgusted and perhaps, fearful.  That is a sad pronouncement on our nation but it is, what it is...

In my lifetime I have seen this country fall from a place of honor and respect in the world to a place of disrespect and disrepute.  I've seen the death of civility in our political discourse and the rise of rampant dishonesty and assignment of blame taking the place of genuine attempts at compromise for the common good.  Instead of finding a middle ground, our politicians have clashed and become expert in procedural moves that tie up government and confound their opponents.  The "game" has become more important than the outcomes for the people.  Our politicians have come to love the power and prestige so much that they will suffer any dishonor to acquiesce to their check writers.  

We are beginning to see our country unravel because of our greed and inability to compromise.  Over the last couple of decades, the most dangerous changes have become business as usual.  Unless quickly remedied, those changes will be the death of our republic.  For a "nation of laws, not men" the very hint of corruption on a large scale can be devastating.  When the votes are counted this time around, I expect Americans to have given the nod to a known criminal with more excess legal baggage than a mobster.  I cannot find the words to explain how obscene I find this to be.  When she is declared the winner, there will be celebrating crowds to usher her into the office.  I wonder where those crowds will be a couple of years hence?  I suspect they will be angry at their lot in life and will be blaming everyone but themselves for that condition.  Elections have consequences.  By installing a lawbreaker as the chief law ENFORCEMENT official in our republic, lawlessness will naturally take hold on a wider and wider scale.  If equal justice under law gives cohesiveness to our government, what will the opposite condition do to it?

HRC desires to raise taxes on those earning 250K or more per year.  Most small businesses fall into that range.  Small business provides about 80% of the employment in America.  Between that impact, the upward spiraling healthcare costs, and the strain of ever-increasing regulations on businesses, what kind of economic future can we expect?  

I believe that HRC and her immediate predecessor are both Alinsky disciples and have as their goal the dissolution of our current type of governance.  They actively work to make the system unstable with the goal of collapsing it and building a new edifice on the ruins.  Unless there are enough citizens who will stand against them, they WILL succeed.  The chaos this will cause globally will affect every nation on earth.  Standing against this juggernaut won't be easy or cost-free.  The alternative will be the loss of freedom and the imposition of a radically new form of tyranny in what was the greatest nation on the planet.  

The "just" and "inclusive" government will openly demand obedience to the whims of tiny minorities whose behaviors are considered disgusting or bizarre to the great majority of voters.  And when the media and the Left have completed their "legal" putsch, America will be a one-party government for the foreseeable future. Oh, the irony of an inclusive government that demands strict uniformity of everyone who believes differently from themselves.  It is a recipe for rebellion.  When that rebellion begins, the nation they have created will crumble.  What, if anything, will rise to take its place?


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