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Miconceptions about...introverts

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When the word "introvert" is mentioned people will often think of some anti-social hermit who hates people and sneers in disgust if anyone so much as looks in their direction. This is somewhat an understandable assumption given that this is how society tends to portray them.

I, my self, am introverted; this does not mean I hate people or dislike interaction. On the contrary if I am with one or more people I am comfortable with then I can talk about subjects that we might be interested in. I can talk, laugh, joke, enjoy movies and all that jazz like anyone else. The only differences being that I do not require the same amount of interaction as others; I generally prefer to keep quiet and just listen and observe. If I am at someones home and it gets too chaotic for me then I generally excuse myself and retreat to the restroom to obtain a few moments peace to clear my head from all the mental chatter and slag.

For me quiet time means reading, watching a movie or tv, playing a video game or some other activity that doesn't require noise and interaction.  Granted I am not well informed about the latest movies or shows nor do I keep up on the latest music trends because it doesn't really pique my interest so I tend to avoid commenting on such topics; if one wants to truly talk of subjects that go beyond the mundane and superficial then you have my attention.

However there are those few who truly shun any sort of interaction and will go to great lengths to avoid it even if it means moving out into the country. Fortunately those types are pretty rare; but we do have a society that values mindless blathering over quietness and contemplation and those who prefer to be left alone and choose interaction on their own terms are often viewed as ill, anti-social or just down-right defects of society.

Like a online comic stated: I simply value silence in a world that never stops talking.

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I'm introvert too except I hate people. Even if I wasn't I'd still hate people, at least now that I'm older anyway. Historically since a teenager I suffered from undiagnosed social anxiety disorder. I didn't know what was wrong with me back then but looking back I had all the symptoms and it explains a lot. Back then I did want to be social but anxiety has a funny way of making you come off as being weird or say weird things at times. Like if I was in a large line with lots of people behind me, like say at a dept store and the clerk asked me a question, I couldn't even hear the question cause my mind was panicking, feeling like everyone was staring at me, judging me. I would cold sweat, hands sweat, get really hot and flush which only exacerbated everything and I would respond in some odd way. Often if a clerk would say Thank you, come back again...I would assume in my mind she was saying Thank you have a nice day and I would respond with "You too" as if habit. So to say "you too" in response to come back again are the kind of things I'm talking about. I would just have odd responses because it's like I can't concentrate on what they are saying because my mind was in this panic, get out of here mode. Other times I react without thinking cause I always feel a need to blend in, do what I need to do then get out in a quick fashion.

Throughout the years, I have very gradually came out of it to where I"m not nearly as bad as I was back then. I do get this rushy feeling like I'm quick and in a hurry. That mental block feeling still hits me now and then, usually only in places where I'm not familiar or especially if I'm alone like say walking into a bar, my anxiety can hit pretty hard when I'm just sitting there by myself like that, I start to feel like everyone is noticing me. I'm not good at starting convo's or mingling so unless someone talks to me, I become that quiet guy alone in the corner.

At parties...those are the worst. When you don't really know anyone and the few you do are mingling with others or doing something else. Oh man, was at a wedding once. For the next 4-6 hours I stood around by myself. No one talked to me as everyone was in these little circle groups and my g/f and her family were busy doing wedding stuff. I would notice glances at me and that felt awkward. No where to go, no one to mingle with and completely bored. It's like I was a ghost except I could be seen...I'll never go to another wedding like that again. So nowadays I don't go out much, don't like crowds, don't like traffic. Just enjoy peace and quiet mostly and don't care what anyone thinks anymore.

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