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Eternal Knowledge

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 On September 1, 2007

I went into a twilight Vision that would playout over the next year, during my sleep.Though they would come sporadically sometimes with months between each vision.On September 1, 2007 was when I saw ,some of what I will begin to tell you.   I will try to explain this the best that I can so that you can picture it the way I received it. I will note that it was not long after this that I began to see strange things in the night skies. To which I have had witnesses together with myself, see these things as well.

Here goes.....

I was.standing in a large crowd, like people gathered together for a concert. I was in a large glass building. I cannot recall if there was a roof or not, but there appeared three very bright stars, high up overhead of us all.  Out of the three stars stepped a man in a white tunic, he walked downward towards me, as though there were invisible stairs. I started to look around at the crowd of  people who were talking to each other and not paying attention. Can you see him. Don't you see him, I started asking, trying to get someone, anyone to look. No one even looked at me.  I started to become loud. How could no one see this. The people ignored me and kept talking to each other. As he got closer  I could see he had curly short medium brown hair and glasses (of all things ) he was maybe around thirty something and had a very peaceful presence. He stood to my right, we were shoulder to shoulder , I never turned my head to look at him , I don't know why.  He  never spoke he just put knowledge in my head which I was receiving telepathically. I didn't find it strange at all while it was happening. This is what I then saw......

The very next thing I knew,  I seemed to be viewing the earth from space  (I know strange, but hold on it gets stranger). I knew the angel or man or messenger was with me,  a little behind me still to my right. I began to hear a humming a vibrational hum, coming closer from somewhere. As it became closer it became painful to hear not because of  how loud but there was actual pain in the sound, it was the sound of pain a pain I will never be able to explain. It was a sadness and a hopelessness and a desperation I will never be able to explain. Within my very being  I felt it all. The hum was alive. The messenger I knew was with me the entire time, though it brought little comfort because I felt everything. The next thing I was falling and falling. I was falling inside the hum, encompassed by it ,like along dark tube of pain. Every emotion brought by pain was inside the hum. It was unexplainable. The fall seemed forever the further I fell the more magnified then pain. The pain began to become physical as well. My body became heavy began and I could feel searing pain in every part of my body and I could feel  light  itself, leaving my body. I could not escape 

Upon  the earth I fell,  all the emotions and  pain were still there, then I saw behind me thousands  upon thousands of others falling to the earth as well. They were dark like shadow people but they were very  tall. No male or female, no faces, just dark human forms. They screamed and howled in a way so painful, I will never be able to explain it. It was     unhuman. There was a grief and sadness in their howls, I will never forget.  They kept trying to move back up into the hum as if trying  to ascend upward, but they could not,  as though they were stuck to the earth. The earth was dark and desolate. It seemed no life could survive there. I wasn't sure if this was the result of after humanity or before  The ground was like red dirt or clay. Then I saw the shadow people begin to congregate, I could feel they're sadness and pain had turned to bitter rage surpassing hate, resentment a  sense of betrayal..... I saw one  of them kneel before the hum and fall forward on its  hands and knees in grief. It's sorrow and despair (that I also felt) was so much so  that death could not not even rescue it.. It seemed an eternity,  that I felt and watched this. The others begin to mock the one that remained sorrowful. They begin to attack it and seemed to hate it. I sensed,  They detested  it's  continued grief  and sorrow, as their own pain  had  gave way  to  the very essence of hate and evil and a feeling of the most vile resentment. 

Then I saw that one , divide, and it  become two and it disappeared into the ground of the  earth. As though it were pulled in. I thought maybe it was given the gift of  death for its  wretched suffering. The messenger who was with me, "asked" me if I knew who that was, but I did not.

I looked to see that the red clay on the ground in front of me begin to move and rise and fall and take form . The messenger  relayed to me these words....

"Before darkness was without light there was and is an Eternal knowledge, redemption is born from  this knowledge."

Again he asked me, Do you know who that was that became two? Still,  I did not know.  I looked and the clay had taken form of  a human, a  man. He looked like a sleeping sculpture of damp clay. Like a man covered in Tawney muddy clay that had formed right  out of the earth. I heard the hum again and  it seemed to be right over him and his chest begin to rise and fall.

Again the messenger asked me...Do you know who he is? 

At that moment I knew exactly who it was.

 Then my vision had ended and I woke, but it was then I began  to understand things that.... nobody wants to know.  This was just the beginning of hidden knowledge that would come to me over the course of a year and even now.

I will not tell directly tell you the meaning of what you just read.. if you do not yet understand ,but I will tell you this......

 " We are not without redemption, as well we "were" not without ego rebellion and greed, but it was and is, the Eternal knowledge that has allowed  "man " to become a "creation" of redemption".



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