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The Meaning of Life...




Here's my conclusion for today; yes.gif

The meaning of life is simple, it's to live, love, and learn.

Live: grin2.gif

Everything in nature is designed to live or to thrive or to help something else to live. There is even a species of insect that’s sole purpose is to be born, mate, lay their eggs, and pass on.

Love: wub.gif

In every culture in the world there is at least some concept related to the idea of love. Love for ones parents, Siblings, Ken, Clan, Country, or Nation. It is a natural instinct to find companionship and it is one of our greatest necessities

Learn: thumbsup.gif

The universe is so grand and magnificent and endless. The only way to expand our selves is to learn as much as we can, what is the point in having the greatest technology when we don’t have the minds to understand it, at this point many of us don’t even have the minds to understand ourselves.



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Beautiful sentiments Earthygirl; and all good and wonderful reasons for living. But let's not forget one other..To reproduce the Species: you're here because someone did thier duty to biology and reproduced. Don't forget to return the favor someday. And even if you don't have kids; the fun's in the trying! thumbsup.gif

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