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Chaos to come

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This is what is to come.

The Philippines will be almost destroyed by earthquake and sea.

Earthquake and  floods are going to be throughout the United States like we have never seen before. Huge floods , serious earthquakes even up the east coast. New York and the Midwest will have earthquakes as well. 

Trumps presidency will take off with excellent effects first, then things are going to change quickly. There will be turmoil with other nations, major  disputes. People will become upset with the  president even his own side, but he  will try to quell the people and sway them to see his side and that his agenda is working. 

A new discovery will be found  ancient writings regarding  Christ.

Keep your eye on China. They are gearing up on the offense. Russia is in limbo. 

The continent of Africa is going through many natural undetected changes right now.There is some  rising and shifting in the land.

There will be bloodshed like never before 

The streets of the united States will be in mass chaos the president will call out armed forces to patrol and curfew.  many protesters will face jail time. New laws will be implemented to enforce this. 

The united States is going to turn upside down. Many will leave to escape the madness.  

Food prices will sky rocket many will not have enough food. Gas will go high and remain that way for a while. 

War is inevitable. It may  be one of the worst to come. 

Please note I only relay what I receive or am "given" these are not my personal ideas or opinions or views. I give to you just as I receive it and that is all I can do.






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