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If you want to know, I will tell you.

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You look around as I do you see the madness of the world and feel hopeless then maybe you see someone who stops to give a blanket or food to a fellowman on the street and you feel a warmth over your heart. 

You ask yourself why can't we all be that way, why is it one man reaches out a hand of love while another holds a dagger. The extremes are exhausting the emotional ride is a rollercoaster. Why is it this way why is there are those that extend love and help while others are so cruel. 

We blame it on upbringing, environment, the times were in, insanity and even  the devil . We try to rationalize. 

And all of these things are correct they are tools but not the source.

From what I have been made to understand I am going to tell you.

In the beginning of which there never was, an existence was there,  imagine if you will a giant bright globe and inside of this globe was life itself, wisdom, compassion,  knowledge, understanding, love and creation. It pulsated like a heart it's very essence was pure and joyful. And this is the one that is called the Father.  Now, the father like a cell could divide pieces of himself  because life and creation existed within him and he could birth other creations like himself  having life and knowledge and wisdom etc.  

Therefore heaven was an expansion of the father all life was an expansion of him. Creation begin to expand and so all heavenly beings and bodies came into being and it was beautiful. After sometime there some beings came into creation and they were intelligent and beautiful these were the original sons of light and there were many of them.  

Now, they were all connected to the father by origin and didn't stray far but some of these beings did stray far from the fathers light and disconnected themselves in ambition and self amusement and a longing for what we would call independence...for all of them ,though connected to the father and  like the father had an awareness of self 

It came that some of the sons of light had a longing to create as well to expand to create in their own image not of the fathers image but in their own. It was in their sense of independence that they wanted to expand, out of their chosen  disconnection to the father is where they found their desire to create. 

These ones though they still were of the origins of light, their light became dim and darkened in their disconnect and desire. Let us make man in our image and they and they will be our own creation. 

The father was well aware of this plan and knew it would be in error to create out of arrogance instead of letting the expansion of creation happen naturally. (Hence the word sin means to be without. Remember this)

Upon the face of this place  they hovered and decided it would be here in this place that they would make  what they so desired. 

They expanded creation  and in error they brought forth a being something  like themselves and different from the ones (animals)already here. It possessed a deep inner knowledge of self it had a higher spirit than the other beasts of creation it was a pitiful and marvelous creation in that it was a being of light trapped inside an earthbound  body.  A soul of light  of  trapped in an earthbound suit. With knowledge and understanding it stood up on two legs. In inferiority it was a slave to its creators. 

Now there came turmoil among  those creators over who was the most important and should be in control over the being and who's creation it really was. A division came between them and there was envy and and a tug of war ,  one became god and one became known as the the serpent (seraphim) or the illuminated one  and one became the lord god. And each one of these had those that pledged allegiance to them. 

The created man became a pawn caught in the middle of a brutal vying for ownership and lord over him. 

The father knew that these sons of light were now figuratively sons of darkness and he as well knew that a creation had been made in error "without" his essence without him. So it had therefore been created in sin (without). 

The father disconnected the sons of light has but between themselves and the father was now permanent they could not return to the father as they had contaminated themselves with darkness and would be rejected by the " immune" system of the father lest it would disrupt the entire order of the nature of the father and contaminate all that was pure good and righteousness. 

Now the father took pity on the created being because he knew it has some of his own light within it as well he knew it has darkness within it from its creation.  It had  self awareness and free will  and yet it was bound  like a caged animal to know suffering pain and death because it was created in error, through no fault of its own. 

The tree of knowledge was revenge it was  impregnation by  the the lord, the illuminated one or  also known as the "Serpent" (Seraphim) God.   in revenge and for control and  to place death to the being he couldn't claim as his own.This is why Eve States that with the help of the lord I have begotten a man (boy child.) and  why Cain was a murderer though Abel his twin took to the light instead of darkness (free will).  As well this is why Adam States that Seth is of his own flesh with he did not state with Cain nor Abel......

{I shall continue this journey with you tomorrow, there is so much to reveal to you that I have been given or that I have received  over many  years, things that are important, truths, that those in control of religion and the sacred books,  can no longer suppress from you. Be assured I will return tomorrow, to continue }






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