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Trump and America's future

and then


The republicans fought Obama's agenda where it diverged from their principles. I fully expect the Dems to do the same and when it is done on real principles, I have no problem with it.  We are 340 million, very diverse human beings with different needs and wants.  The reason this country became so successful is that we have, before now, always managed to find common ground.  Even when the Republicans began the long fight against Obama, it was AFTER he humiliated his former opponent, McCain, by telling him publicly that the campaign was over and that HE won.  He never ONCE after that, attempted to reach across the aisle and make common cause with them on anything.  Even then, they gave him 7 of his critical cabinet picks without fighting because that was always the tradition.  That wasn't done out of respect for Obama, it was in respect for our country and its new president.  For the next two years at least, Trump has the power to make huge strides in changing policy.  I said it right after the election and inauguration, Trump will only remain president for four years if he keeps his promises as best he can and is relentless in making his case daily to his supporters.  If they ever turn against him in any substantial percentage, the Republican elite will shank him like Brutus.  Count on it.  McCain and Graham are already sharpening the blades.  Until that happens, though, Trump will beat every attempt to stop him OR even to cause him to change tack.  The hystaters on the Left will pull out all the stops.  He will be investigated by large numbers of individuals and any slightest bit of potential dirt will be magnified and shouted from the electronic rooftops and it will do ZERO good for their cause.  Trump is untouchable as long as he does his best to keep his promises.

I said all that to say this.... this behavior is unprecedented in the era of modern communication.  UNPRECEDENTED.  I think Trump should, regardless how nasty the SC nominee is treated, reach out in a reasonable way and offer the senators who are up for re-election some positive legislation for the country that can help them at home in 2018.  If he does that early, he should be able to expect some help from them on his agenda.  If they refuse then he should not look back and he should push his agenda without apologies.  He is not Satan or Hitler, he is a guy who is phenomenally placed to make a real difference for Americans who believe in traditional values without HATING our fellow citizens who are not comfortable with them.  America is changing and it will be dramatically different within a few decades.  If the agendas of the Left and its extreme fringes attempt to force their ideology on the other half of the nation, if they refuse to work peacefully with the current government and especially if they become violent in their protestations, this great nation could easily fall into a new Civil war.  It won't be about enslaved racial groups or State's Rights.  It will be fought in every state, county and town.  It will split families.  It will be a bloody conflict between those who are willing to work and produce, versus those who simply demand from the public treasury.  One side will be armed and know very well how to use them.  The other will depend on law enforcement and the national military to enforce the whim of a rogue government they have managed to set in place.  The hystaters will fail miserably and many citizens all over the country will die.  In the aftermath, our nation will be severely weakened but this may be what is necessary to bring the Progs back into reality and back to a place where they are willing to help build and stop tearing down.  I pray we can avoid this but I see no way any longer. 

I'd like some feedback if anyone can do and remain civil.  Thanks!


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I believe your great nation (I'm a UK citizen) is already in the throes of a civil war, and that there is no going back now to the old Republican Democratic two step. On the one side we have globalism, the Democrats, the MSM, the educators/academics, Hollywood/music industry, the multi-nationals, and finance/banks. On the other side we have Trump and his backers, the lower levels of the Republican party, the military, FBI/parts of CIA, and flyover country.

I wish your sentiment was true, that Trump can offer an olive branch to his enemies to calm the situation, find common ground etc., and thus govern for the benefit of the country over the next four years. However, I believe the gloves are off and the anger and rioting will escalate rapidly. Sorry for being so negative, but this is what I see.

On the positive side (if you thing this is positive?), I see the forces of nationalism and populism winning over those of corrupt globalism. If my grim prediction is true it should be clearly evident that that's the path you are on over the next couple of months.

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Posted (edited)

We have all seen a lot of speculation. Some people treat Trump as though he is evil incarnate and others treat him like the second coming.

I'm not sure either view is anywhere near correct. He is just a man. Flawed and imperfect.

You hit on the subject of the extended olive branch. Personally that is the yard stick I will measure Trump by.

When Bush started the war, I made the comment that a war is the easiest thing to start and the hardest thing to end.Obama inherited that war. And now Donald Trump has it.

I'm going to sit back with my fingers crossed and hope he can. But we won't know yet for sometime to come.

ETA. I hope the American public don't put so much effort into fighting each other that detract from the issues that on a daily basis are more important ie:  the value of police time, community care. Jobs, infrastructure,  housing.

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