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Pigeonholing Trump

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Trump turns his back on supporters

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni



At a recent presser the prezzy did not even know which way to face the podium. It was set facing a wall instead of his supporters in attendance who waited soberly for his attention.

When he wanted to begin fielding questions it was said he asked secret service why he was not being allowed to speak to his fans. 

When they pointed behind his back Don the Con improvised and pretended the wall was a prop saying one day he will stand at our border with Mexico and California facing the wall with his America behind him.

The crowd roared in applause. He said sticks and stones should break their bones but bricks and loans would build it.

Build what? He shouted. The wall! They shouted back.

He ended with if you build it they won't come and that he would make sure illegal aliens could never become illegal citizens by bypassing the laws already on the books.

The crowd cried in unison. Lock her up! Lock her up! Referring to Hillary. And alternated with, Keep them out! Keep them out!


The first post to this blog is here:

Trump claims he can resurrect the dead

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Paranormal Gal


I am still waiting for lock her up.

Listen Trump is like every president before him. Say what they want to hear. Government has always been like that. So much lies corruption deaths for what? A government who turns on the vets who kept us safe. Or lies after lies? All i know is i am sick of it all. Lets get this country back to how it use to be. No more violating peoples rights, protect the victims not the criminals. Keep your noses out of what people believe in or not.

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