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How our fur/scale kids aka pets came here

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Since I was suggested a few times to write this thought I'd finally take the time and do it. I haven't included the turtle or fish. Also Michaels turtle Squirtle is not included only because he doesn't live here. I'll be talking about the ones who are still here but a little about the 3 dogs we had for years and the puppy (only had for 3 days) we had that passed since they're tied into it. It's long and I've tried to paragraph it so each one is about each fur/scale.


Ruby, Kelpie Blue Heeler cross, 13 years old. Came 2004: Ruby was given to me (they like to still bring up how they got her for me, they're that type that like to remind you of anything they do for you) by my sister Katie's in-laws because I really wanted a dog. She was 13 weeks old, came from people they knew who were going to keep her but got told about how I had been given a rescue (it got shut down after) puppy (again Katie's in-laws doing) but the rescue puppy had Parvo virus (the rescue hadn't vaccinated him the pups he came in with or others) so had to be put down after being with me for 3 days. His name was Elmo he was a Blue Heeler Kelpie cross and 8 weeks old and I was heart broken. They felt so bad they gave Katie's in laws Ruby for me mom got a call asking for us to go over, got there (Katie's in laws) and Ruby was out the back she's been my baby since then.


Little Keg aka Cassie 13 Mini Fox Terrier. Came 2005: Katie's in-laws wanted a second dog to keep their older Jack Russel Louie company. So her father in law and I went to a shelter (good one) after he called the shelter and they said we have a female, spayed Mini Fox Terrier here who's about a year old. We met her and she was this skinny, scared, little girl who may have had puppies but they didn't find any with her but her teats were sagging and hair falling out. A week later Katie calls mom up, asking can grandma (dads mom) take Cassie in. Mom calls grandma and yes all is good, pick her up take her to grandma and grandpas instant love of course. 6 months later Cassie becomes Little Keg due to grandma WAY over feeding her. 2011, grandma and grandpa go into nursing home due to Dementia. We take in Keg and Midget (same breed, accidental puppy of Smudge who passed in 2007 and Minnie who passed in 2016. Midget passed 2015 all 3 had heart problems found later in life) so we have 5 dogs suddenly, which was a hand full but worked. Keg has lost some weight and has had food cut down to right amount for her, is still fat but happy and mostly healthy.


Cooper 8 turning 9 Mini Fox Terrier came 2008: Smudge passed away 2007 and had been going to work with dad since Smudge was a year old, so it hit dad very hard losing Smudge and over time he felt it was time to get a work buddy again. He went to a breeder (Smudges breeder was no longer breeding) and picked out Cooper at 8 weeks old and brought him home. In almost 9 years dad and Coop have never been more then 2 weeks apart (not all at once but spread over time) they are very bonded with each other. Coop likes males better then females.


Ralph Inland Bearded Dragon 6 years old came here 2012: I wanted a lizard and looked into getting a Bearded Dragon or Blue Tongue Lizard/ Skink and choose Bearded Dragon. He's the most laid back lizard, doesn't always want to come out of his home but is well cared for.


The other lizards/dragons 2013-2016: 3 Bearded Dragons, 2 Eastern Water Dragons, 4 Southern Angled headed Dragons and a Storrs (30cm/12in/1ft max) Monitor: I've grouped them because they're all dads and here because he liked the look of them, looked into what they need and got the permit needed for them then got them over time. Its always been a ok What do they need? Do we have space? Can we afford them? Before getting them.


Princess Parrots: Had 2 Green ones from grandmas and saw 2 blues in the bird supply shop liked them knew how to care for them have room so got them. 


George Black Standard Rabbit 2014 2 almost 3 years old: We had been looking after Katie (her husband and 3 kids) bunny while she was trying to get approval by her land lord to have their bunny there. Sadly bunny passed away suddenly, stopped eating the Sunday and before we could get her to vet Monday passed away. I wanted my own bunny, said I wanted a Grey Dwarf.....Looked for a rescue but there were no babies and no Grey ones, went to a pet store (I know not the best thing to do) and fell in love with this handful of black fluff. Got told he's a standard rabbit so will not be small like a Dwarf, ok no big deal brought him home and he's a fat happy bunny.


Snow aka No No after Katie's bunny passed dad (who was never a bunny person other then buying them from the butcher ready to cook, which he still does) wanted a bunny. Again looked for rescue but none. We were getting Georges hay and the place had Dwarf Lop eared bunnies, picked out No No brought him home. At the time we got told No No was a girl (unless you see testicals its really hard to tell), nope No No is a boy, he's in his own hutch.


Honey Dwarf white Rabbit Dec 18th 2015 and Bun Standard brown/black and grey Dec 31st 2015: Honey hot day came in our yard and first glance dad thought she was No No but nope No No was in his hutch still. Gave her water and food, dad popped her in humane cat trap in shade away from the dogs until we could borrow hutch later that night. We were going to call RSCPA to get her but, that time of year so many unwanted so she stayed. Bun, same thing came in hot day looking for help and was helped has stayed. We did ask neighbours had they lost a bunny with both and got told no so we kept them. Both were under weight, hungry, starting to dehydrate, losing fur, scared and shaking. Bun I asked friends did they want her, since we didn't think we had room and didn't have hutch. We made room and dad built a hutch.


Chirpy 2015 Galah 2: Our talking Galah who came from grandmas (she got him from her sister before the sister moved) sadly passed away, we have no idea what his age was. Dad saw ad in the paper for hand reared Galahs so we got Chirpy.


Birdie 2016 White Indian Ringneck 1 year old: Different bird supply place (its next door to one of 2 places that do the best fries/hot chips in South Australia) dad and I popped into get Chirpy toys to play with for enrichment and saw a hand reared white Indian Ringneck, who needs work doesn't like females and was starting to talk. I tried talking dad into getting him, we walked out with just toys and no birds. Couple weeks later dad comes inside and tells me the Indian Ring neck had been sold which I was disappointed about to a point, I thought he was so cool and grandma had them at one point to. He was sold alright to dad, 2 weeks later Birdie comes home and I see him when Michael and I get back here. He can talk a little but likes to do it when he thinks we can't hear or see him. He's not a patting bird, dad can pat his beak if hes quick other wise birdie gets bitey still.

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Bones, Feb 2014, Black & White tuxedo cat Showed up in -20c weather starving to death. Now he's fat and noisy. lol

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They know how to find the one or ones who will care for them. You're giving him the best life he could hope for :)

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