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I must apologize to all my loyal readers of "The Case" but that project is indefinately shelved at this point..There's just too damn much to do to give it the attention it deserves. I do hope to get back to it at some point, and you can probably expect an odd update here and there when I get a spare hour or two, but as a whole I just don't have the time it takes to write a mini-series..

So I guess my Blog will now return to it's normal use as a venue for psuedo-intellectualism, propaganda, and anecdotes nobody really cares about anyway..

Enjoy! thumbsup.gif

*Waits for Snuffy to show up*

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Well, evidently i understand completely, since my two writing projects are also shelved. So no worries. original.gif

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Oh Falco, shall we race to see who can finish there un-finished works first....


perhaps the writtings of U.M. will one day have a special chapter in history, The unfinished Blogs of the over worked..yes.gif

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