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Something seems off.

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There is something wrong with our world yet I cannot put my finger on it exactly; most likely because there is no singular "thing" to locate but rather a whole multitude of things that seem a bit...amiss.

You know, when I was younger I, like many others I suspect, felt that I had a decent grip on the basics of how the world works but as I grew older and learned more I began to become more baffled at all the current developments.There is, of course, the issue of growing global hostilities that are not getting better because we insist on continually trying to remedy problems with the same mindsets that have been causing them for millennia yet no one seems to catch on to the repeated and dismal failures that we call "solutions".

We have social conditioning that is pushing us down a path that is going to cause even more social dysfunction and strife; we seems to have a society that is becoming increasing hostile to education and learning and actually seems to think that willful ignorance and stupidity is somehow a virtue. Corporations, rather than society, have a tremendous influence over the educational system which explains why so many kids who come out of school can name thousands of pokemon or identify members of a sports team but can't identify a single tree or even explain what a food chain is; some people don't even understand that our sun is just a star and we call it a "sun" because our solar system orbits it.

We have a society that values belief far more than it values thinking to the extent that anyone who is not a believer is viewed practically as an enemy.

We willfully, knowingly and deliberately pollute our air, water, soil, food and bodies all the while claiming we have the right to do so yet it is someone else's responsibility to take care of our health because of our consistently bad choices. I see people who exist on packaged foods, slurp on endless liter bottles of soda and walking down the hallway to the bathroom is their idea of physical activity but can't understand why their health is so poor and why they are gaining weight (by the way, diet soda won't make you lose weight)

This is not to say there are not good things happening nor am I trying to say all people are dolts either but what I am seeing right now is perplexing.  I don't expect people to be athletes either but I do find something wrong with seeing children who are not even ten years old who are so fat that their faces look swollen to the point that they can barely see and they can barely waddle from the car to the fast food place.

I don't know, when I think of a supposed developed civilization such as the type ours is supposed to be, I just expect a bit more than cities full of obese young adults who feel they just have to be offended when they hear someone speaking Spanish yet have no problem with screeching out loud with fake laughter like drunken banshees while in restaurants, disturbing other patrons mealtimes with their families then get offended when asked to tone it down.

I guess I am just ranting but I just expect better behavior out of people in general regardless of age. (babies are exempt of course :) )

But even at that, there is still something else wrong with our world, something subtle yet at the same time...almost in plain sight. It is hard to explain without sounding like this blog post. :P

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Posted (edited)

I do share your feeling that the state of the world seems to be on a downward spiral.   There are many influencing factors, e.g. climate change (with increasingly more frequent natural disasters - mother nature complaining or trying to adjust to man's ignorant impact on her), terrorism, pollution of all kinds and also, it seems morals/values.

However, this is not to undermine the fact that so many countries now have had a wake up call re. acknowledging and wanting to address climate change (Trump still in denial which is a huge worry though), apparently ISIS is on the wane (not as powerful as it once way...not sure how much of this is Western propaganda though) and some forms of pollution seem to be addressed.  For instance, here in UK, there is a proposal for toxin taxes for those using diesel cars in peak hours.  (London frequently breaches the accepted levels of air pollution now). As to morals and values, whilst I acknowledge that there seems to be less evidence of good morals/values displayed, I am uplifted to see that kindness is a growing movement e.g. 

Here in UK, the government has made recommendations for the food industry to cut sugar by 20% which should go some way with tacking child obesity in particular.   You don't say where you live so I have no way of gauging the situation where you it the US?   However, here there are also bleak developments e.g. hospital waiting times for 'non-urgent' operations (?) are now longer in the attempt to make the A & E service of better quality.  This means more people suffering and, potentially, be fatal!  Also with social care cutbacks, the UK is in crisis, e.g. the elderly who are fit enough to leave hospital cannot do so since there is not the help in place for them to be able to live at home.  This creates a knock on effect re. hospital beds. 

I have a positive mindset but I cannot, realistically, feel optimistic with the current general trend the world is undergoing so I do mostly agree with you.


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There is something off. It has been brewing for a long time. The haves are increasingly greedy and ruthless. It's because they know they've trashed the planet, and it's only a matter of time until there are severe consequences. They're ramping up their scrape em off strategy so that there won't be so much competition for what little safe food and clean water is left. The people at the top want as much power and wealth as possible, so they can ensure survival for them and theirs as long as possible. 

Everyone else is expendable. 

I wish I didn't actually believe this, but I do. 


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I was approached by a woman with a religious pamphlet and asked if i thought things were getting better in society or worse.

I was at the time checking the sea life in Port Phillip Bay. I have been watching the ecology there improve over the last 15 years. It was very bad for awhile.

And to her surprise I said this generation gives me hope. My children and their friends are thoughtful and wise, they are less judging and more inclusive. There are some negatives but I believe as a society we need to reward the thinkers and encourage education over manufacturing. 

Young people give me hope.

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Frank Merton


There is a lot of hope.  Lifespans are increasing and disease is decreasing; education is spreading and religion is weakening (although woo seems to be thriving).  Countries with bad government are seen for what they are.

There is also a lot of danger.  We may in spite of optimistic predictions end up causing a runaway greenhouse effect and wipe ourselves out.  Nuclear war remains a possibility.  Idiots, demagogues and genuinely evil people rule a large part if not most of the world.

We can credit technology for the improvements; we can blame human prejudice for the problems.

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Posted (edited)

6 hours ago, Frank Merton said:

We can credit technology for the improvements; we can blame human prejudice for the problems.

Yes, and the increasing sophistication of technology changes society, how people behave. Because of today's technology, teenagers and those in their 20's have different interests and culture than oldsters had when they were young.This creates a social divide. 

I think in general, a younger generation has always been looked upon as strange and unsettling by older generations and visa versa. I believe this contributes to the feeling of "something seems off" to the more mature population.

When I was in the Army in combat, the saying was something like, the situation is better and worse than it appears.





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