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Fur, scale and feather kid/pets names

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How the fur, scale and feather kids aka pets got their names: 


Ruby came named but mom did middle name Ruby and that's Jean. She's named after a lovely friend of moms who passed years before I got Ruby. 


Little Keg aka Cassie: came from Animal welfare league with no name. She started off as Rosie then Chelsea (my niece who's now 16) renamed her Cassie after her Cabbage patch doll she had at the time. Then she got fat in grandmas care and became Little Keg. 


Cooper: We had Smudge (tans and white Mini Fox terrier who had a heart murmur) and knew when he passed we'd need to get a new addition to the family because Smudge was dads sidekick and went almost everywhere with dad. One day I was in mom and dads room with them  looking through a alcohol catalogue just as a joke and saying different names, Brandy sounded too girly, Bundy (as in bundaberg rum) but that made me think of Ted Bundy too much. About to walk out of their room the tin of Coopers home brew beer and said what about Cooper? When dad brought him home I cuddled Cooper and said you're Cooper. 


George: From Loony Toons the Abominable Snowman that liked bugs bunny. 


Snow aka No no: White bunny so snow stuck and no no because he does this head shake from time to time like he's saying no. 


Honey: Partly her colour and partly oh you poor honey needing help. Had to call her something when she first came before we knew she was staying. 


Bun: Poor little bunny needing help, same as honey. 


Ralph: Chelsea, Katie (my sister/Chelseas mom) were talking names and Chelsea said what about Ralph? I like the name Ralph and it stuck. Partly Ralph perfume and partly Simpsons is where she got it from. 


Aussie and Belle: Aussie because he's an Eastern Water Dragon (native but was not taken from wild) and Belle because it popped in my head. 


Monty: Partly short for monitor and partly Monty Burns from the Simpsons. 


Fang: Was Jack when we had a 2nd turtle with him named Jim. Brianna (niece) and I named them. Jim passed so Jack became fang. 


Chirpy: We couldn't think of a name that suited and he chirps a lot. I said to dad one day why not Chirpy since he's always chirping. 


Birdie: Again couldn't think of suitable name. Tried white fang but sounded odd for a bird. When we talk to him it's always birdie and so the name stuck. 


The other lizards dont don't have names they look the same so can't tell apart. 


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Emilie is a Great Pyrenees that we got as a puppy of 9 weeks old.  We called her with many different names, letting her pick the one she liked.  My son looked at her and said, "Emily".  She lifted her ears and tilted her head so that's her name.  My daughter insisted we spell it a bit differently so that's how "Emily" became "Emilie".   She goes by many nicknames, Baby girl, Bear Bear, Em, Ems, Emme.  My hubby calls her "Bubula" which is Yiddish for a baby or small child.  Marble is a calico cat and she was already named when we got her from a shelter, so we just kept it.  Her nickname is "Kitty baby girl."   Obi is my daughter's kitten who is staying with us until she's out of school.  He was originally named, "Topaz" at the shelter and my daughter is into gem stones so she renamed him, "Obsidian" as he's completely black.  We call him, "Obi" for short.   His nickname is "Little Bit".   

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I love all these names!

"Ralph" ...lol! You should call the unnamed lizards 'Liz'.

Also, I like the idea of letting a dog choose its own name.

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