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ParaGirls HauntedDiary

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The Signalling Dove:

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Around 8 years ago (2009) my father witnessed a dove circling our house, it would fly above our house around 3 times before flying off, my father thought nothing off it since birds are very common where we live so it must have been a coincidence, A few weeks later my grandmother fell and was taken into hospital.


A month went by and she sadly began to deteriorate and passed away in hospital.


6 years on (July 2014) the same breed of dove came back to our old house, it continued to circle the house for a while before flying off... Again thought nothing of it, 4 weeks later my great-grandmother fell... She was taken to hospital but luckily came back home. It was then 2 months later she passed away peacefully in her home


This time (October 2014) the dove never went away, we would see it circling our house still and one day my father said "Look it's back, I hope nothing happens again!".. We waited and nothing happened, or so we thought....


Come December we visited my grandfather, all well and watching TV we talked for a while before heading back home, 20 minutes after arriving home my mother had a phone call saying that my grandfather collapsed. The paramedics brought him back for a brief moment but sadly passed away in the Ambulance going to the hospital.


Was this a complete coincidence that this dove was flying around our house and only ours? Was it bringing a message?

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni


The doves are messengers of peace but also helpers for we whose gifts, hidden, are called to simply help others who are hurting by allowing that pain to be recognized and processed by us through empathy, not sympathy which is the starting point for those without empathy but one can and should grow beyond for healing.

Any other healing methods beyond empathy will be revealed by empathy within, which could be as simple as human contact of hearts, touch however brief, ear, voice, mind be it in their physical presence or not, if not then one can also turn to rituals of any sort that can heal others by practicing them alone but in their dirction, such as a simple empathy alone again, or pen to paper, craft, arranging two or more object for a time as an aid for us to help heal them, or song, prayer, other minor spell workings, and others as your own heart and mind lead you to.

Everyone has a gift, find it, and use it to help others. All the above can be ignored so you can start your own ways in doing this, it wil be usually the smallest of thing until you are led, if need be, to other methods but keep it as simple as need be and unique to each situation and person.

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She has helped others in a way, by sharing this.  New to this site she helped in leading me to the post above which had taught me alot and was much needed so thank you to both of you...xoxoJ

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