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Why your both Good and Bad. The Truth

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It's been a while since I could return but I have. I wish to tell you of the truth of what is really happening. It's by way of a higher power I know what I know. Let me share with you .......

You are born into this world and whom of us hasn't wondered why ? What is the point of this all. Why am I here, why are any of us here and why is there so much evil everywhere. The questions are endless.

First off you are here as lower spiritual being. What is that ?   It's a spiritual being whos ORIGINS once stood in the presence of the Eternal Knowledge aka GOD.  Let's figure out what that means. let's start from the beginning.....the very beginning....

Let us make man in our image..... think about this for a moment  it tells you a few things.

The eternal knowledge, aka god, is eternally good. With in it there would be no error found. Therefore no error could come from WITHIN it. Now Look at the grass the trees the water  sun the moon etc   there is no error within for they have been  created directly from the source  .  Nature goes on and on in continuous harmony and Perfection unless disturbed by outer forces. 

Ah....then it is said by "God" let us create man in our image. 

Firstly The eternal knowledge is does not need consort  with any being on anything  it is simply a will and so it is pure energy at work, a force of expansion of its self.  The essence of the eternal knowledge = the energy of LIFE.

The eternal knowledge is beyond that of a God  a god is a deity, a very high level deity but none the less simply a GOD, (study up on it) . The new testament  refers to    a " Father in Heaven" not a god. The word God is very rare in the new testament. 

Let us.... Sounds more like a plan an idea being agreed upon.....So Let's do it !  

Our image.....What image. Shape? Would the eternal knowledge be shaped like a man? Why would it need to be. Would it need to own one form ?  How about , In our likeness. Yes that's it !

 Our likeness,  like us !!!!  And just what would that likeness be??? 

Heavenly beings with  knowledge, self Awareness and error. But how could there be error in them if they were created by the EK.  To go against the will of the EK is to be in error and  To create while in error is to produce a flawed product.  Error begets confusion confusion begets chaos and chaos begets many things. All bad. Have you heard it said, man was born into sin?  Do you know what the word sin means? It means to be without. Without the EK the true father, per say . How can you be born into sin?  because  we were created without  permission  in turn outside of perfection. Therefore in error and therefore in sin and Therefore this is who you are. But mercy was taken upon you because not by your own will are you here. If a man has a son and that son later  abandons the ways of his father and turns as  enemy to his own  good father and that son  later has a child , if the (now) grandfather is wise he will know that it is his blood that flows through the veins of his grandchild. He will understand that it is no fault of the grandchild that they are here, nor whom  it's father is. He will know that even though the grandchild may have some qualities of its father it may very we have some qualities like its grandfather. It will be a choice and quite possibly a struggle to overcome the bad traits of its father but the wise grandfather will  not turn his heart against the child without reason. He will not place judgement on the child by fault of its father...

To be continued tomorrow

So  what lyes within you, me, all of us is light and dark ,error and perfection,  kindness and love, hate and revenge, selflessness and ego, empathy and division  and every other opposite extreme that we have all known. And through it all we have  of course,  free will.  Have you ever thought why did I say that why did I do that , that was so mean, it was so wrong? It's because though we are  the work of a God , and still we are none the less a descendant of the Eternal One. It is your choice, will you go by the way of error or will you follow the ways of your truest  origins EK. This is why when the  Pharisees, who  continually plotted  to  bring down  the validity  of the Christ, finally he said to them "you are of your father the devil" but  to others he said...... "by your father in heaven". So therefore,  you will  ultimately decide through your free will by whom it is you will be claimed. 





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