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Is my dad crazy?

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What is happening to my dad?



My dad is in his mid 50s, he is, as I said in the description, a hard drug user and has been since he was 12. he has also been a diabetic since he was 4 years old and he does not take care of himself like he should. Anyway, He is stubborn and has never spoken of aliens before, he has actually made fun of my friends for believing in aliens in the past. Fast Forward to late last summer: I called my dad one night when I got off work (like usual) around 10pm. He wasn't slurring like he does when he drinks and he wasn't talking fast like he does when he is high. He sounded very normal but started talking about "people" being in his apartment he said they came in "through the walls" and that they just sat on the couch. He described them as "cool" and "interesting" I assumed he was on acid and had friends over, so I brushed it off and told him I would call him in a little bit. About an hour later I called him and he was very short with me and said he would call me back. Then just before midnight he called me and he was absolutely hysterical panting like a dog yelling at me telling me to call the cops because there were "intruders" in his apartment trying to hill him. He hung up quickly and I immediately called the police and told them he was a drug user that I thought was either high or was having a blood sugar crisis. After I hung up with them I called my dad back and he was still hysterical I told him the police were on their way and I told him I was on my way too he told me to not come there out of fear for these things following me or seeing me and trying to harm me. The police showed up and he hung up with me. About a half hour later, an officer called me and said they were taking him for a psych eval at the local hospital. He also told me that when they got into my dads apartment he was naked, sweating and swinging a large knife at them telling them there were people in his apartment. The officer said they searched his apartment and found no one. He told me to come see my dad in the morning when he had calmed down, he said my presence may upset him more than he already was. In the morning I went to the hospital and my dad, who by this time had calmed down because the nursing staff gave him downers, told me about what had happened.

He said, "These things walked through walls and into my apartment! they looked exactly like people, just like you and me. They just hung out on the couch they didnt talk, blink or nod or anything. You're gonna think in ****ing crazy but they put messages into my head to communicate with me! They were really chill and interesting at first, but then they got really upset and I got a really negative feeling and they started chasing me- I ran all the way around the neighborhood naked in the rain running from them and they followed me back to the apartment! Then they just disappeared when the police showed up! It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me!"

He said he couldn't remember what their names were but they called them selves "something that sounded like The Couscous" (that wasn't it but he said thats what it sounded like.) He said they were there for 14 hours. Also, it did not rain that night, and my dad literally CANNOT run due to his health, he can barely walk on his own. I completely thought he was high and hallucinating. The more I thought about it and talked to him about it, even weeks later, after his high would have wore off he still fully believed it happened and he has never believed in aliens before this. A few months later it happened again. Not as bad and he said they didnt stay as long and they weren't threatening at all. Now just the other day it happened a third time! I called him and he was whispering into the phone and said he had another "intruder" and he was calling the cops. I was out of town and called my sister and brother to go over there. By the time they got there he was still freaked out but was slightly calmed down. The cops never showed up so we don't think he ever actually called them. He told my sister that he found "a kid hiding in his bathroom and it was the child of one of the visitors" when I talked to him he referred to the kid as a "stow away" He said something about how the visitors still didnt speak but they transmitted messages to him mentally and the female visitor wanted him to keep the child but he said he couldn't even take care of himself let alone a child. Then they left. He didnt seem as freaked out or threatened by these "visitors".

Can anyone please tell me if my dad is crazy or if this might actually be happening to him? I have a hard time believing it, but at the same time, I don't know where he would have gotten this kind of info from. He only has a home phone. an old school radio and a tv that only gets literally 6 channels and he has no way to get on the internet (he has literally never been on a computer or smart phone in his life.) 

Here is everything I know about these things from the info he gave me, if it helps:

The first visit (i think) it was 2 or 3 males. the second visit Im unsure of gender. the third visit it was a child (unknown gender) and a female.

They walk through walls.

They don't blink, speak out loud or respond in any way. They only send messages from their mind into his.

They look exactly like humans

They don't let him listen to his radio or watch TV.

He said his cat hides when they are there.


If it happens again or he gives me any other details I will post about it. Thanks for reading and please, comment or message me if you have any idea what might be happening to my dad. 


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It's in his head, I'd say. He should see a psychologist but I'd say it sounds like textbook paranoid schizophrenia and (possibly drug-induced) psychosis with delusions and full blown hallucinations being the obvious symptoms. He should be on heavy anti-psychotic medication before he becomes dangerous to himself or others.

I'll give you a tip when dealing with him though: never tell him that it's all in his head. The worst thing you can do with someone suffering delusions is to challenge their experiences, which, as you'll know, seem very real to them. Be supportive when he speaks of them to you and once he's been on the medication for a while he might regain some clarity. 

Also, drugs don't by themselves cause mental health problems like the ones above but, if there is an underlying genetic trait, they can amplify or bring forth these problems where they might normally never appear. Key word here: genetic. So I'd stay away from drugs (or regular - habitual - alcohol consumption, especially in large quantities) if I were you, in case you also have those particular genes.

Good luck.

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Sounds much like some of the signs my grandmother displayed when she was first stricken with Alzheimer's. He needs to be under the care of a physician, if he isn't already.

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If he’s been a hard drug user since he was 12, it probably has SOMETHING to do with the drugs. There are a lot of different hallucinogens out there that could result in the type of experience your dad had. I’ve done some crazy hallucinogens that remind me of your dad's experience. My friends and I made a tea out of hells bells once and we all had experiences very similar to what your dad is describing. Does he remember the incident? Hells bells is grown all over the place, and, if he was trying to get a fix any way he could, it wouldn’t be that strange if he tried to get high off of hells bells or some other hallucinogen that does crazy stuff. I don’t remember much after the hells bells hit me, but our sober savior will never let me live down the crazy stuff we said and did. That was a long time ago and I only smoke weed once or twice a month (although it is shatter). I think the hardest part of quitting is not believing that you can. I’m not a doctor nor do I have any degrees, but it sounds like a drug reaction to me. Since you’re his son, I’m sure you’ve been traumatized by this man more than anyone will ever know, but I would just suggest to remember that he is suffering everyday. I think your post demonstrates that you’re very worried about him, so you’re likely already on that path. The media and politicians want us to believe that he is a menace to society, but he probably just needs a wake up call he cannot ignore, belief in himself, and honest self-reflection.

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Not unlikely, He may have asked a evil person in his house with out knowing it. So he opened a door, demons will come in with your invitation. He may have thought they were the mailman, county worker, food stamps. They will not leave until you tell they are unwelcome there.  Do not back down!!! Assert yourself. This is your domain.

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On 1/23/2018 at 2:45 PM, onlyI see said:

Not unlikely, He may have asked a evil person in his house with out knowing it. So he opened a door, demons will come in with your invitation. He may have thought they were the mailman, county worker, food stamps. They will not leave until you tell they are unwelcome there.  Do not back down!!! Assert yourself. This is your domain.

The Dad clearly has some medical issues, addiction, and possibly mental health issues.

Pretty clearly hallucinating, and yet you're talking demons. 

I think that's very wrong to do in this particular case.

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he is likely to be multi personality,bi-polar....with out a professional diagnoses it is very hard to determine exactly.From what i know....even what is recommended as a professional doesn't mean they are.good luck

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