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You Ain't a Loner if You Ain't Lonely!

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Okay, so I've finally sat myself down to write something. Let's see...

I've gotten used to being alone and I don't mind it one bit. Let me explain...

Okay, so back when I was really close with my friend group I'd always be hanging out w/ one of my friends, at least two or three times a week. Since they've been so busy though, I really have had no one to hang out with except for myself. After my falling out with my BFF, I felt lonely and betrayed for around a week. As time went on though, that pain slowly went away and my inner introversion has come out to play. Needless to say, I haven't really hung out with anyone unless requested to, and in the meantime I've been exploring my own interests. Aside from watching YouTube and researching more about mbti types, I've been reading (with my literary diet mostly consisting of MAD magazine :P). It's like I'm experiencing some sort of inner renaissance, in the sense that I'm enlightening myself with what I like, instead of exploring my friends' interests.

I remember a few weeks ago, out of sadness, I told my dad "hey wouldn't it be great if we could lobotomize the part of our brains that makes us feel loneliness?"

And he replied, "Of course not! We would cease to be human if we did that".

Obviously, what I had told my dad was the idealization of a solution to how I was feeling at the time. Such an attempt at executing it would be flat out stupid, if not fatal. It'd probably turn me into a sociopath as well :S.

I did find a solution though, and it's achieved by focusing on your own needs and interests. Instead of pondering and longing for the past, I have to gaze my thoughts and feelings towards the future. What do I want to be? What are my passions? Those are the questions I need to find the answers to. And afterwards, set myself goals so I can move myself forward within those passions and interests.

I'm getting a bit of a headache, so I'll stop here. But ya, I'm doing just fine and I can't wait to see what interests I discover next.


- Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

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