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talking to myself

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Trust God Clean House Help Others

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A way of life
A friend of mine on Facebook, a beautiful soul, as well as a regular retreatant here, sent me a plaque which I liked at once and found it cheerful and encouraging. It is very colorful and has a very wise message said in very simple language.
Trust God
Clean House
Help Others
I hung it up just behind our serving line so it could be enjoyed by all who pass through. You could say it a philosophy of life that looks simple and probably is, but may take some discipline to live it. The simplest spirituality is the hardest. It strips away a lot of useless baggage that can only murk up being in the moment.
Trusting God sounds pious and easy, but in reality, it is not. For trust is not an emotion, which comes and goes. Nor a feeling which can be confused with emotions but comes from a deeper place in the soul I believe. To feel like one is worthless and of little worth is not an emotion, it is a feeling. Powerful emotions explode on the scene when reacting to feeling worthless and going into a rage or a tantrum of some sort. So to trust God in all of the vicissitudes of life takes courage. Trusting in God, for it to be real has to come from a place of faith and accepting simply that one is made in the image and likeness of God. This comes from a Holy-Stubbornness that will wrestle with one’s twisted, immature ideas of God. Some fear is needed to protect us. Holy Stubbornness is needed to keep us kick boxing our twisted ideas about divinity that leads into neurotic fear. Religion is often at fault, as well as people either not willing, or not able, to trust their intuition when it comes to their faith. Being immature in one’s faith is not being childlike, actually quite the opposite.
Cleaning House is an interesting term. Taking care of one's surroundings, and helping others to care for theirs, if they can’t, is a form of service that is often overlooked today. We are stewards and we live in a world where people go through life leaving chaos and simple messiness behind them. By that, I am speaking mostly on how personal interactions with others comes about and often leads to unnecessary tension and fighting.
Helping others of course if not based on true love and concern can become, to use an overused word and concept, co-dependent. We do not help others if all we are doing is being compulsive about it, fearing that if we say no, we will not be liked, or a good person, etc. Helping others is not about being ‘nice’, but about being loving, truthful, gentle but salted with firmness as well.
My brother who is
a Angilcan/Epispocal priest like to put it this way:
Love God
Help people

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