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Canning up...



I do a lot of small scale farming, preserving, storing up, seed preservation.. Been doing so for many years now.

Tomorrow, I'm going to fire up my first outdoor kitchen action. I picked up a couple big brew kettle burners brand new for super cheap. A new can of gas for a burner. Several bricks to build up a windbreak off the porch to set up a big and deep kettle for a goodly time of canning. Got a big batch of pint and a half and half pint jars in the dishwasher on the sanitizing cycle.

Got thee quarts of darn good enchilada sauce curing up in the fridge, and a couple large heads of fresh cauliflower to pickle up... mmmm.


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Where do you find the time?

Mind you, Spring is just around the corner here. So its time to get outside a bit more for me now too.

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Canning is good... Did up 14 half pints of enchilada sauce yesterday, another 14 half pints today, and a half dozen pint and a halfs of Lemony Cauliflower pickled up, yum. The outdoor burner is a gem to set up the large kettle on :)

This time of year most of my seasonal work is over for a wee bit, and my parks job don't eat up much time either. But my other job of heirloom gardening and preserving is kicking in hardcore. The amount of food I'm harvesting and preserving over the next couple weeks tallies up to saving a goodly $800-900 worth of the 1200-1500 worth of stuff I process up through the year that can be knocked off our food budget.

I also freeze, smoke, and dehydrate a lot of stuff when the season is good and the produce plentiful. I grow any dry a lot of herbs, and that saves a ton of money. Because I grow and dry so much of my own stuff, I'm also able to make a lot of my own mixes. Italian herbs, Mexican, ranch, vegetable broth powder, chili, cajun, and a few others. I like to be able to process and mix up a bunch of my own stuff- I'm able to reduce the salt and sugar a LOT over the commercial stuff, and I skip all the weird chemicals and preservatives for the most part. And I like having an abundant pantry to choose from- in the middle of winter when we are snowed in I can still make soup from dried veggies and frozen stock, or chili with smoked and dried tomatoes, peppers, and beans. I always have a jar or few on hand of various stuff to lay out on the buffet, or make a gift basket with, or take along to a party to share during the holiday season.

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