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This time of year..



The first harvest passed at the end of July, and the garden can tell. It's strong spring growing, and promise of green fruits maturing came full mature, and harvesting season was on. The holiday brought on full bushels of produce. Also the shifting of the sun, and the dry times when gathering up water off the roofs pays off with watering the gardens blooms. Now we are waxing into the second harvest to celebrate in just under three weeks.. and the stockpiles of glass jars, baskets and trays of produce coming in and going out.. the constant smells of low cooking sauces and sharp brines and canning waters of vinegar, salt, water, and spices.. It's also the time for watching out for seed harvests, and final diebacks on under the dirt living plants that should be coming ripe to dig up. And now is the time to plant in the last rounds of the quick growing roots, greens, and herbs and set in the fast setting plants to overwinter in the gardens to be good to go for the last harvest..

Looking forward to celebrating the last harvest for a couple months too. I tend to start early, heh. This year Halloween falls on October 31 like it always does- but the last harvest falls just a wee past midnight of November 7th this year.


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