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And the sun sets on the last eve of summer



As the sun lowers to the twilight today, so closes the last evening of summer. Tomorrows sunset will be the first of autumn. The fullness of summers reapings are fully over, the tangs and heat of canning are almost done. The last of the summer plants are now being tucked in and protected to let them fully yield out in the next few weeks.

Now comes time for cleaning before the last harvest. The recently culled and cleared beds need to be tucked under the first gatherings of fallen leaves for their winter mulch blankets. Perennial and bulb beds are being planted in and watered in and mulched in just as tenderly as the spring seedlings- now are their weeks to take root and snuggle down. Trimmings and cuttings and deadfall brush that has piled up over the summer is ready for some chilling season bonfires.

The last brush of summers heat is flaring out good and hot, and mellower embers are looked forward to. Now comes the mellower harvests of seeds, and curing off squashes and bulbs and such. The harvest of fallen leaves for mulch. Taking in the fallen fruit from the trees and shucking them off to winter grazing areas for the wildlife.


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Beautifully poetic!  I sense the cycles of work done for the seasonal time of year. Have you composed poetry?   I have written free verse poems.

I see you are a keen gardener.  I am too - a naturalistic gardener, i.e. I love most of nature's gifts - the discovery of unexpected plants springing up e.g. elder tree, hawthorn bush with its dainty white flowers and bright red berries that the pigeons love, and my front garden is filled with the garden escape, red valerian!  Definition of a weed is just a plant in the wrong place! ;)  (I have a low tolerance to some weeds though, e.g. thistles and nettles).   My unused (tedious) lawn is now a lawn meadow.  I don't grow veg since the ones are like (i.e. the brassicas) are prone to take up the lead in the air (I live in the outerskirts of London).  I do have a young fig tree though that provides some lush/succulent ripe figs that never make it to the kitchen!

It sounds like you grow veg - more than squash?

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Yes, I grow more than squash. I'm a heritage grower and a bit of a farmer, a lot of my life revolves around growing things. I also have a bit of pristine ecosystem, and am a bit of a conservationist.

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